Me and Farty McGee

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Barack Obama said that today. It covers everything and I’m completely not averse to it. Haven’t blogged in a long time and even though there’s nothing interesting to say, I figured now was as good a time as any to say it since I’m kind of bored. I know, who’s bored on Christmas Day? I am. Every year.

  • Every year we have our  Christmas Eve dinner. I grew up celebrating the season on Christmas Eve, gift opening and all. It’s a Chilean thing. When we were little and growing up in Canada, we’d go to the movies on Christmas Eve after dinner. We’d be in the car leaving, and my mom always forgot something and had to run back into the house and take a long time. We’d go to the movies and come back home, and Santa always had come while we were out. Christmas day was about sleeping in. Now my kids are half-Chilean and half-Canadian and when we still had Santa, we’d have our big party on Christmas Eve, they’d get to open their presents from my mom, and Santa would come overnight. Now they open lots of gifts on Christmas Eve but the bigger ones are left to the morning.  At least they sleep in now. Anyway, we had my family over last night and we had a meat fondue. That’s right, I made them cook their own dinner! I know, I’m a genius. Sides are a big deal with fondue, and I tried making this wild rice salad I’d never made before that turned out to be really disappointing. The rice was too soggy. People were very nice and ate it anyway.
  • So the rest of the kids’ Christmas tradition is that on Christmas Day they go to their dad’s for the evening. They just left and now I’m on my own until tomorrow. The BF is away and it’s just me and Farty McGee right now. My dog. She got a new bone last night, and this particular variety of bone, which I think is cow femur, always gives her the world’s worst flatulence. I have all the candles on right now. ALL THE CANDLES. Still, it’s a small price to pay for having her preoccupied with it so the rest of us could enjoy enough peace to have dinner last night.
  • So other than wracking my brain figuring out if there’s a clothespin somewhere in this house for my nose, the biggest thing on my mind right now is whether or not I’m going to start parting my hair in the middle again. I have to wash it today and no one’s going to see me anyway so it’s a good time for the experiment.
  • I do have a couple of invites from some lovely friends to have dinner at their houses tonight. I think I’m coming down with something so instead I’ll just stay home with Farty McHyper and enjoy my own company. I’m actually not terrified. I usually hate not being around other people, it only takes me about 15 minutes of solitude to recharge my batteries and need interaction again, but I’m actually looking forward to this. Maybe I’m growing up.
  • One of the gifts on my daughter’s wish list was a book called The Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School, which she’ll be starting next fall. She has been talking about middle school since last summer. We had a serious conversation this morning about the things she will need, including a wristwatch and a mirror and organizer for her locker. I said, “You’re really looking forward to having a locker, aren’t you?” And she said, “Mom, it’s what I’ve been waiting for all these years.”
  • How I Met Your Mother seasons are on Netflix so I’ve watched a few of those today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy who plays Ted do a talk show. I watch a lot of talk shows so I’m pretty sure about this.
  • I’m also sitting here in my jammies, thick socks and a new pair of black patent flats that I’m trying to stretch out.
  • This post has taken hours longer than usual. I’m trying to find stuff to talk about. One thing on my mind lately, like for so many other people, is the latest mass shooting in the U.S. Obviously this blog is not the forum to get into a gun-control debate of a country I don’t even live in. It doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions though, and I’ve posted a few of them on Twitter. This led to some “conversations” with tea baggers after hashtagging a few tweets with #NRA or #NRAlogic.  And weirdly, some new conservative pro-gun followers. People are obviously not taking the time to scan my tweets before blindly following. As a matter of fact, the other day I sent a tweet about Bill O’Reilly.  A couple of days later, Twitter sent me an e-mail suggesting to follow people “like Bill O’Reilly.” Including Donald Trump! Dismissed it as weird or that Twitter obviously has an outrageous sense of humour. Then a couple of days later, O’Reilly appeared on my timeline. I went to my “following” list and O’REILLY WAS ON THERE. What the. Somehow I was following him. I have no explanation for this. (He’s not on that list anymore!!!)
  • Speaking of bored, every time I say I’m bored (which is very rarely), I remember the time I was visiting a lawyer’s office with a couple of friends to sign an affidavit. He came to the door to get us and asked us to follow him to the boardroom. I said, “I hope that’s not spelled B-O-R-E-D!” He didn’t even attempt a smile. It wasn’t that tough a room though because my friends laughed. Or I know for sure one of them did.
  • We found out last week that the NHL cancelled games though January 14th. I don’t care. A couple of months ago, I really cared. I absolutely don’t care anymore, and at this point, I hope they don’t come back. Only reason would be to play some half-marathon half-season just to make some money this year. The only thing I care about is that I’m afraid they will play that half-season and that would really piss me off.
  • I am, however, really excited for World Juniors hockey. I am every year, but this year more so because I haven’t watched any hockey since May. I think this means I have to be up at 4am tomorrow to watch.
  • OK so it’s a few hours later and the “I think I’m coming down with something” is most definitely a cold. Just a sore throat and some sniffles, nothing to worry about. I’ll tell you what it’s not, and that’s the flu. I haven’t had the flu in years. I also never get a flu shot. Well, I actually got a flu shot about six years ago even though I never got the flu, after being guilted into it by a co-worker who told me I would get the flu and make my children sick. So I got the stupid flu shot, and guess what – I got the flu. This is definitely not a flu.
  • I’m starting a course next month to get a certificate in editing. I know that you probably think from this blog that I’ll never get it, but I actually love editing. I just don’t edit this. You’re supposed to blog in your own voice, and if you know me you know my speech is rarely punctuated.
  • Oh wow Barney finally met his dad! It’s the preacher dad from Footloose. I want to say Jon Lovitz but that’s not his name.
  • The kids made me Christmas presents this year. My daughter wrote me a letter and put it in a frame. My son wrote me a story in which my 2 brothers were the protagonists, and they saved Christmas and Santa with the help of my mom and a voodoo doll. Best. Christmas. Presents. Ever.

No one’s reading this. I hope you’ve all had a great time with your families and loved ones! Tweet you at 4am, everyone! Oh yeah, and here’s our family photo from last night. Merry Christmas!


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