The name is Veronica. Single working mom of 2; boy, girl. Blog about whatever’s on my mind if I have the time. Chilean-born Canadian. Verbose. Unconditionally and blindly love the Habs. Tweeter. Smartass. But I seriously grow on you. Opinions are exclusively my own but you are encouraged to share them.



  1. paul kazak says:

    Just watched Vancouver game – cup bound maybee???? Got distracted by your digtal footprint. How do you do it????
    It is one thing to live downtown with your window curtains open 24/7 but how do you open up and share like this. Is it kinda like how the Napeleese cast penants to the wind casting adrift their wishes and prayers.. Or are you just asking the question as Pink Floyd did – “Is anybody out there??” I’m just starting down the digital footpath and am experciencing a “walking through Wreck Beach clothed” sensation – an observer soon to be a participator. Any advice????


    • Hi Paul,

      It so happens that I live just outside Vancouver but do have my blinds open 24/7! Good thing I’m not facing anyone’s windows.

      My only advice, as an inexperienced blogger and writer here to simply lay down thoughts when they come to me, is to be yourself. I write the way exactly as I would verbally tell a story. Believe it or not, I hold back a lot here though with very personal stuff (and to protect the innocent!!), despite that in real-life I am very much an open book. Other stuff is okay to talk about as long as I’m not hurting anyone, and I generally have nothing to hide. It’s easier for me to be open than it is for other people. As long as you write from the heart, I think you’ll have at least personal satisfaction, and hopefully also success and good feedback. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and for reading!


  2. Hello,
    I like you. Your blog is interesting. Ah! Oui tu es cute aussi. Bonne journée.


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