Riding in cars with boys

Nephew: “My friends and I were having this hypothetical situation conversation. You’re probably not going to like it though.”

Me: “Who, me?”

Nephew: “Yeah. The conversation was: Would you punch your mother right in the face, hard enough to break her nose, for a million dollars?”

Me: “What!”

Son: laughs maniacally

Nephew: “There are some conditions though: you can’t warn her that you’re going to do it, and you can’t tell her anything about it until after you’ve broken her nose and then you can explain the whole thing.”

Me: “That’s horrible!!”

Nephew: “I said I would do it.”

Me: “Oh my god!!!! Max, you could never do that! That would totally ruin our relationship.”

Son: continues to laugh hysterically

Nephew: “Yeah but then you split the money. Wouldn’t $500,000 go a long way to mending your relationship?”

Me: “No!!”

Him: “You could get reconstructive surgery!”

Me: “Forget it!”

Son: “I have a hypothetical situation. Would you: give up electronics, your phone, the internet, and reading for three months for three million dollars?”

Me: “No reading? Oh, man. Wait, no. I could do it. I could write for three months. I would write a book.”

Nephew: “Just don’t accidentally read what you write, because then it’s over.”

The above was an actual road trip conversation.

Happy Labour Day weekend, everyone!



  1. Haha! Good, I wouldn’t punch my mom for a million dollars either.


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