Going left at Hope

I skipped August! So much for aiming to have at least a monthly post. It’s not because I haven’t had anything to talk about. But I’m baaaack! Look, I posted twice in July, so let’s just say that canceled August out. So, reader, and I do mean “reader” … okay, maybe “readers”. Lisa. And Sofia. Here we go.

  • Just finishing the weirdest summer of my life. Because I actually got to have most of it off, for the first time in the very, very short period of time that has passed since I graduated high school (shut up).
  • It’s not that many weird things happened. But now one really great thing has happened. I’ll tell you later.
  • So, because I had so much time off, on those days the kids were not at home, I would grab the dog and leave town. The bf is working out of town so we would go visit him, and also my bff abandoned me earlier this year to go live the high life in the Okanagan, so I went there a couple of times, too.
  • Here’s the thing about road trips: they’re great, if you’re heading somewhere awesome, or better, towards awesome people. And if the drive is beautiful, as all drives are in British Columbia, it goes by quickly. The drive up to Ashcroft is interesting. You take the #1, and everyone and their abuela’s on the road right with you. You get some serious speed, I mean, after the stupid Langley part. And everyone’s with you, and you’re all “woooo!” and you’re heading in the same direction, and then, you turn left at Hope for Ashcroft and suddenly, you’re on your own. EVERYONE continues to the Coquihalla. I was on the phone with my aforementioned bestie, Lisa, hands-free of course, the first time I made that left turn. I said, “Do you know who goes left at Hope?” and she said, “Who?” and I said, “NOBODY!” Anyway then you get stuck behind semis, and trailers doing 60 in a 100 zone, and you want to murder someone, until you get to that blessed passing lane.
  • Oh yeah, one time, Lucky the puppy in the back lost her mind when we were in that crazy busy/fast stretch before Hope, because some poor guy on a motorcycle was RIGHT behind us. It had to be because he had a big black shiny head with black glass for a face. Never have I ever heard her bark like that.
  • Sofia just asked me to mention her. And so I have. And then she’ll act all embarrassed that I did.
  • Another thing about Lucky, who must-must-must hang her head out the back window, no matter the weather, no matter the speed, so that her spit that turns into glue can splatter all across the exterior of my car, is, she’s crazy. Oh yes, I mentioned. When you gather speeds of 100+, the wind goes right up her eyelids, and they inflate like little parasails, and you can see the pink inside parts. It is cree-to the-pizzy. Especially when she blinks a lot. Cute, weird dog.
  • Hockey’s back! Well, sorta. It’s merely preseason, but there are games, and I have been watching. The Habs have been trying out their prospects and rookies, and it’s cool to get to see these guys we got in the Draft and over the summer play. Georgie Parros hasn’t played yet though (injured), and for some reason, I cannot wait to see him on the ice in the CH. Louis Leblanc played the other night, unspectacularly, and promptly got sent back to Hamilton. His girlfriend had some angry things to say on Twitter about the demotion, which immediately went viral, and then she deleted the tweets. But the internet is FOREVER. I love when other people make mistakes that I’m glad I didn’t make. Aw, that’s mean. But you know what I mean.
  • So, hockey. You’re back! Am I ever glad! I think Marc Bergevin made some great, key moves over the summer, to add size, and yes, “character” to the team, which he so often mentions that it’s become something of a drinking game across Habs Nation. Whatever, I agree with him. The guy is a leader, as I blogged about earlier this year, and I trust him. The thing about leaders is, they are few. Truly, they are. Most of them think they are so merely by virtue of being anointed thus, but true leaders are a hard find. Anyone can go to Leadership 101 and academically make the honour roll and then regurgitate the knowledge and talk the talk, but it’s how you actually apply what you know that makes you a leader. And the thing about Bergevin is, he didn’t forget what he learned (if you’re humouring me and imagining that he took a class – I’m sure he didn’t – he’s a natural), and not only did he not forget, he lives it. He believes it. Leaders who believe themselves to be leaders merely by having more and more people under them on the totem pole, do not get it. Bergevin understands that it’s not just about revenue, the business is the sum of ALL of its moving parts. From the top on down, that is to say, the team of advisors that he actually listens to, the players who make real what he’s put together, and the so-called bottom of the totem pole – which in a different kind of business would be individual contributors – us, the fans. Without individual contributors, you have no business. Without fans, you have no team. The manner in which he’s taken the broken bits of the organization he inherited and moulded them into the franchise that we thought would never return, has been astonishing. The guy gets it. For him, unlike his predecessor, it’s not about appeasing his higher ups, but about getting it right. That’s how you get buy-in from the moving parts. He hasn’t been perfect (cough, Desharnais) but he’s done everything in such a way that he has our trust. You have to have that. When it’s lost, it’s gone, and it doesn’t come back. And for those individual contributors, us, the fans, who create the revenue, that trust is everything. Look, I know we’ll buy paraphernalia and tickets anyway, but you know what I mean. After the lockout last year, I spent a good week determined not to watch NHL hockey, right up until about five minutes before the first game. But I was REALLY determined. So anyway, I trust Bergevin, and even if he makes questionable moves, I will trust that he knows what he’s doing, because he’s earned it.
  • Yes, I know we haven’t won in the preseason. CHILL OUT.
  • 1111 words and I really haven’t started.
  • Hockey hockey hockey.
  • I started a new job! That’s the really good thing. It’s interesting, and exciting. And I’m loving it already. Whee! It was nice having summer vacation for once, and spending lots of quality time with the kids, the bf and my good friends, but going back to work and starting this new job is really, really cool. I know. Who says that?
  • TV is back, too. I don’t really have shows that I watch because I have to watch the hockey, but I do watch New Girl, The Mindy Project and Modern Family. The first two already premiered this week. If you don’t watch those, watch them.
  • Also, with the return of hockey, will be return of my tweets. All those Leafs fans who engaged in the folly of following me in the off-season will drop like flies come October 1. Guys: read the bio!
  • Speaking of flies, what’s with all the fruit flies in my kitchen? I mean, yes, my daughter decided her favourite snack is steamed broccoli with lemon juice, and left a half-lemon on the counter all day that turned into a FRUIT FLY FARM, but that was weeks ago. I have since washed and wiped EVERYTHING and still they WON’T DIE. Help!
  • Ashcroft is a desert. And as such, it’s freaking hot. One day, it got up to 36 degrees when I was up there. Look, my people are biologically conditioned to tolerate such temperatures, but 36 is kind of a lot. There are also rattle snakes. And it is so dry, that what you think is dust is actually evaporated dirt, and it gets EVERYWHERE. And I love it there. So does Lucky. The river is right there, and she takes herself down for swims, then she lolls in the shade under the bf’s trailer (read: in the puddle of water that comes out of the shower), then comes out muddy and filthy, then chases her ball and plays with Rosie, and she is in absolute heaven. Every time we come back home, she hates me for a couple of days. Good thing I’ve got her buy-in as a leader. I mean, I think.
  • Anyway, I mostly wrote this because people (no, I’m serious) asked me when I would write again. And I said I was “working on something” so then I actually had to. So this is it. And I only dedicated about 1/3 of it to hockey!
  • You won’t be so lucky next time.


  1. Hi, have you tried a Fruit fly trap? This Youtube vid shows a super easy one, http://youtu.be/njDTNQUEvRA


  2. Parasails… 🙂 Poor eyeballs! Lucky dog, though! Have a haffy autumn!


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