Taking the Heat

So, the Habs lost Thursday night. Season over. In just five games, against a team we were supposed to be better than.

Why? Well, we were down like a whole roster, and had the Bulldogs playing out there Thursday night, right? Our #1 goalie was injured and the backup had to answer the call, right? Max Pacioretty was playing with a separated shoulder, Brandon Prust broke a rib and he put it back in himself! And in game 4, which we had, we had it, the momentum shifted abruptly when the NHL brass in Toronto decided that a kicked in goal was good. Carey got thrown off his game when the linesmen from Mensa decided to have a faceoff on the incorrect side of the goal, a decision that every player, coach and spectator knew was boneheaded and which the NHL later recognized was an error and apologized for, fat lot of good that did us. We have teeny tiny scrawny players that would never have been able to go the distance in a long run anyway, and we need to beef up in a major way this off-season.

That’s why we lost! That’s why we lost! Right?

It dawned on me today. This one was on me.

  • The game that Emelin got injured? I was there.
  • I, in my brilliance, booked a VACATION during the first week of the PLAYOFFS. To Florida. In my zeal to ensure that the timing of my absence from work coincide with a business trip of my boss, while simultaneously NOT coinciding with U.S. Spring Break on account of planning to visit several kid-oriented theme parks, I neglected to pay close attention to the NHL PLAYOFF SCHEDULE. So I missed Game 1 entirely (on a plane), got to see Game 2 at my hotel, and missed almost all of Game 3 on account of it not being shown on a channel available at the hotel and had to resort to the world’s crappiest wifi and a choppy connection to RDS (I saw a total of about 6 minutes of the game, the rest was frozen images). I don’t ever miss a game. E-VER. And I missed most of the goddamned only round the Habs got to participate in.
  • As a result of not being home, where I should have been, for the first three games of the series, I neglected to take my Forum seat out of storage to take its place in my living room for playoffs.
  • I got rear-ended on my first day back in town. Such that my bumper got obliterated, and my hatch got caved in so I couldn’t even open it. The DOOR TO WHERE I KEEP MY HABS CAR FLAG.
  • I watched game 4 in my Pacioretty jersey. Moron. The last 4 games that the Habs won, I wore a Habs top and hoodie combo.
  • For playoffs, I changed the wallpaper on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook to a photo of Carey Price. One more minute of surfing the net, and I could have found an amazing Gallagher photo, but noooooo.

All of these, combined, are clearly the reason we lost, and the reason we don’t have a hockey game today.

Things I can’t decide between for which I hate most:

  1. The Leafs will officially be playing more playoff games than the Habs.
  2. The Bruins will officially be playing more playoff games than the Habs.
  3. The Leafs may possibly go to the second round.
  4. The Bruins may possibly go to the second round.
  5. Ottawa Coach.
  6. The Leafs may possibly go to the second round.

Anyway. It’s over. After the season we had, it wasn’t supposed to go this way. And now I get to spend the rest of this beautiful spring/summer outside and not have to coordinate all facets of my daily schedule around when the Habs play. I hate everything.



  1. Awww… but on the other hand, off-season Veronica’s back!


  2. SkyKing says:

    It all makes sense now. It is YOUR fault!!!..

    ….and here I was blaming myself for not lighting my Habs candle and wearing my habs socks for game 5.


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