This One’s Not Very Interesting

Sunday morning (and I sing “ON SUNDAY MORNING” to myself – No Doubt) and the kids sleep and I contemplate sneaking away to Costco for essentials that will last us about 14 months, while they sleep. Costco is pretty much a place they’d rather stick needles in their eyes than go with me to. Which I don’t understand. I LOVE COSTCO. Plus, I usually end up seeing something I never knew I couldn’t live without and walk out with. $300 later, I mean.

Anyhoo, here’s the latest:

  • I had a Nespresso yesterday and now I feel like I need a Nespresso maker. How much are they? And do they sell them at Costco?
  • The dog’s been run already. She lost her ball in someone’s backyard again. Same neighbour, every time. There’s about one day a week that I come home to a nice little collection of balls on my welcome mat. He’s a nice neighbour. What a pain we are.

  • She also loses it in this big bunch of bushes, because she usually catches it in mid-air, but sometimes in her attempt the ball actually bounces off her teeth and ricohchets into the atmosphere and lands in these bushes. She dives in, all you see is her tail wagging and the bushes trembling like a T-Rex is about to emerge.
  • We finally have our new floors, as you know. We got a nice neutral rug for the new floor, the colour of which was chosen exclusively to provide camouflage for the fur the puppy sheds at an alarming rate. I used to have a Shepherd and she would shed all year long, and it was sticky hair. Even years after she passed away I would find it, and I was never able to remove it from the upholstery in the back of my Cherokee. I sold it and that became the new owner’s problem. The jeep I mean. So yeah, when I decided it was time for a dog again because the kids were big enough, I thought, Shepherds are my favourite breed but there is NO WAY I am dealing with that fur again.
  • Labs shed a lot, okay. And these new floors are a perfect contrast for the wall-to-wall yellow fur. Sigh.
  • I brushed her on the deck the other day. The fur that fell out of her coat filled the sky. THE SKY. The fur off her hindquarters alone, once gathered up, could have made up a whole new dog. Ridiculous. I hope this is just a summertime thing.
  • This was not supposed to be another post about the dog, but she’s the only one keeping me company right this minute so I can’t think of anything else but I’ll try.
  • Oh yeah, the other day I was painting the living room, so I fired up a Genius selection on my Apple TV to play music while I painted. Levon by Elton John came up. My daughter said, “Mom, I thought you hated country music!” Oh my good god.
  • She only thinks I hate country music because I’m still pissed off about that red-headed kid who made every song sound like Jim Neighbors won American Idol a couple of years ago. I don’t hate all country music, just the songs that are so depressing and ridiculous. Actually I don’t hate those either really because they’re so sappy and sad, they’re funny.
  • I like The Dixie Chicks. And Johnny Cash. And Willie Nelson. And Patsy Cline. Is that all country music? I know from The Blues Brothers that there are actually two kinds, country and western!
  • I love my Apple TV. It plays the songs on my iTunes that are one my Mac in the basement! Right through my surround sound speakers on my TV upstairs in the living room. That’s really the only reason that we got it. I’d heard of Apple TV before but I thought it was just for movies and TV shows, which we already get enough of, and never really watch anyway, on the PVR. This one guy at work told me about the music feature one time, and I was so excited! He said, “I can’t believe I’m teaching you about an Apple product.” I love Apple, and one day I will have one of everything.
  • I’m participating in this pedometer challenge. It’s actually a global challenge, and companies put together teams to participate. Our team has seven people, essentially the same team that we had last year, but this year we recruited carefully after losing some of last year’s members, to add 3 people who are as obsessed with winning as we are. We’re now leading the entire company worldwide, AND we’re in first place of all the teams registered, from all the companies, in Canada. In CANADA. Last year, our team won first place in our company in Vancouver, second place in the global company overall. Our team won a $250 gift certificate to a restaurant. For the whole team. We figured it out, and each of us would get to spend $35.71 for a meal, including tip. That was for 2 months of walking even in our sleep to try to win. It took us 4 months to find a date the 7 of us were available to go redeem the certificate together. WTF. The global winning team got iPads. They EACH got iPads. So this year, we’re serious. If I’m upright, I’m walking. Even in place. I’m not joking.
  • Speaking of the PVR, there is one show that I watch every episode of, and that’s Jeopardy. I march around my living room while listening to the clues, getting steps on my pedometer, shaking my finger and exclaiming, “Who is Bob Hope! What are Capital Gains! What is Easter Island!” Whatever man, I’m winning that iPad. Jeopardy gets me some good steps.
  • Because I need more free iPads. I’ve never paid for one. I got the first one as a gift for my birthday, and I got the iPad2 in a draw at my company’s Christmas dinner. My daughter dropped that one once, and it works fine but it has a little scratch on the case and now I obviously need another one. The new one.
  • My son thinks that if I go on Jeopardy I can win us some big cash. But I really suck at U.S. categories. Except for the stuff I learn from the Daily Show.
  • We’ve had beautiful summer weather for about 3 weeks now. A couple of those weeks were scorchers, which of course were exactly the weeks I was ripping out the carpet, having the floors installed, and painting. It was so hot and I was sweating so badly, that the plywood under our new beautiful flooring is covered in my 5 pound sweat drops, that would run off my forehead and bounce off the plywood. Like that visual? Anyway even after months of rain and cold and a Spring that we totally skipped over, I found myself wishing I knew a good rain dance. I have one Australian friend who lives here and bemoans our horrid weather who would throw me in jail and throw away the key for even uttering the previous sentence.
  • You guys, I just remembered it’s my brother’s birthday today, so I’m gonna call him. And one of my kids is up too now, so I have to break the Costco trip news to him. Hasta la próxima!


  1. Haha! Your bestest blog evah! (maybe because I could understand it, without all the NHL secret handshake stuff). This one made me smile for some reason, see–> 🙂
    Now I need a Nespresso machine. I don’t know why, I just want it. Sales commission for Veronica.
    Also, I always go into Costco on someone else’s membership: family or friends, but I’ve never bothered to get a membership for myself. Should I? It seems like a neat place, but then they make you buy everything in big batches, like a tub of ice cream or vitamins. I guess if I live in Nowhere, Alaska, it’s great for stocking piling for the winter. I assume Canadians hibernate in the winter too, no?
    Yup, all that is country music. There’s different kinds of country, but Patsy Kline, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson are “classic” (more soulful sound), and Dixie Chicks is more modern country (has a bit more rock-n-roll pop flavor). There are other kinds too, I’m no expert.
    Costco sells lots of aids to keep pet fur off your furniture and floors. That’s where it tends to fall. And clothes, but you probably wash that all the time.
    Been thinking about getting AppleTV. Most people are surprised I don’t have one already. I can plug my TV into my iPad and watch Netflix or even stuff I rent from iTunes, but AppleTV is the next logical step, plus I’ll probably find uses for AirPlay.



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