About a month since I last posted. You’re welcome.

Latest musings coming right up:

  • I took a break from listening to TSN990 in my car in the mornings, mostly because it eats up my data on the iPhone. I missed Carey’s re-signing on July 1 on account of it – goddammit. But it was awesome news all the same. Oh Carey, how I love thee.
  • So because I really can’t stand all the ads on the FM radio stations I can stomach, and listening to the pop stations makes me insane, I just flip on “News 1130” which is basically where I get all my news since I took a break from Twitter since hockey’s over, the draft is over, and the coaching staff is pretty much in place in Montreal (you guys – Big Bird was obviously up for grabs and YOU DIDN’T GET HIM – it makes me want to punch stuff). Stupid me.
  • Here’s what I missed: 1) Anderson Cooper (love) came out. Finally! 2) Katie left Tom. Finally! That poor girl had dead eyes for long enough. I never watched that show she used to be on, and I don’t know if she can really act, but I’m rooting for her. Even though I kind of hated Tom Cruise less after Tropic Thunder, I really still hate him. I don’t know him or anything. 3) Jessica Simpson had a baby! I think that was a long time ago, though. 4) There’s something else, and I forget what, but it’s a biggie.
  • News 1130 leaves out A LOT. Back to getting my news from Twitter.
  • The new place (which we’ve lived in for 8 months) is finally shaping up. When we got this place, the walls were all espresso-brown, nice colour (I love coffee) but this place was already dark enough, so I got one of my besties to come over and consult on paint colours. He picked the colour for our last place and did a fabulous job, because he is FABULOUS. So I figured I didn’t know what I liked until he told me what I liked, and trusted him implicitly. He picked a nice soft colour which was a little greenish that would brighten up the place, and I hired painters to the tune of 3 grand to paint the ENTIRE house in this beautiful colour picked by one of the people I love the most.
  • The first time my bf came over after moving in, he said, “Green! Do you like it?” I hated it. HATED it. And had spent so much money. I told him, “No, I HATE IT!!” And he said, “Good! It makes me feel like I’m hung over!”
  • We couldn’t afford to do anything about the paint colour, so we lived with it for 8 months. The colour’s the worst in the stairways (we have a split level, so that’s FOUR stairways) because they don’t get any natural light. EVERY time I saw it, I thought, “Hung. Over.”
  • As mentioned in previous posts, the new puppy (she’s almost a year!) wreaked havoc on the carpets and although the thought was overwhelming, I decided that by the time she was trained I’d get floors. So we got floors. And I decided to paint. Myself.
  • I picked colours (using my bf, because obviously he knows to stay away from morning-after colours) and went to the paint store one Saturday, daughter in tow. The paint sat there for a couple of weeks because I couldn’t find the time or oomph to start the task, so I went back to the store a couple of weeks later to get some stir sticks for the paint, bringing daughter along again. They handed them to me and we left. Daughter: “They just GAVE you those sticks! You didn’t even have to pay for them! It must be because you’re so charming.” Verbatim. What. I’m not taking that cheerful notion away from my only daughter.
  • I painted my living room over the Hangover Green. With “November Skies”. Supposed to be blue, sorta greyish blue. Sorta like steel. Blue Steel! I liked it too, because both my kids are November babies.
  • The first coat looked purple, and I panicked silently. It’s blue now though.
  • I took the puppy out today to run her tired, just throwing the ball on the green patch in front of the house a zillion or so times. Neighbours were all out, back and forthing, getting piles of soil from this huge pile of soil that had been dumped on our street. All beautifying their front gardens. Wasn’t sure what that was all about, so I asked. My one neighbour said, “Didn’t you get the notice? It’s our street’s turn this week. Project Landscaping.”
  • Notice? I never read those stupid things. I hardly even check my mail ever. I used to think at our old place that I never got the mail because the stupid mailbox wasn’t in the building and was way down the street with everyone else’s. Highly inconvenient. But it turns out I just never check mail. My bills are emailed, and I don’t care about stupid coupons for carpet cleaning, I mean, especially now. The only person who checks the mail is my daughter, who apparently thinks her National Geographic Kids gets delivered daily.
  • (I did see the notice. Saw it, scanned it, thanked god the previous owners chose to have rocks in our garden instead of plants, and deposited it in File 13. Don’t tell.)
  • Besides, “Project Landscaping”? Please. My green thumb is…what’s the opposite of green? I’m useless. I have a plant that’s impossible to kill on my bookshelf, and that’s it.
  • That’s actually not it. I have a little rosebush the bf got for my birthday 3 months ago, and it’s not only still alive, but it’s getting new buds. Ha HA. Still, nothing else survives here. But that plant. And people.
  • The kitchen’s half-painted, and is sitting there waiting for me. All that’s left is the hard parts, the teeny-tiny wall spaces by the cabinets. It’s sitting there waiting for me as I type. I think there’s something wrong with me, that I get midway through a project then leave it for something else. What’s that called?
  • It’s weird with Twitter, because I left that too for a while, haven’t had the chance to even glance at it lately. I mean, I suppose I could do that right now. But I’m scared I’m not going to know what anyone’s talking about because I’ve been away. What’s that called?
  • Okay fine. I’ll go finish the kitchen. I may post some self-indulgent pics in the future when it’s done, I mean when everything’s done, because the last touch is the baseboards. I painted those yesterday, and although I’m way stronger than I look, even though I bought that handy little mitre box thing, I can only saw down to the bottom half of the baseboard because that’s when it gets thicker. Lame.

Bye guys. Sorry for the nothing post.



  1. i like how anderson cooper was like, ‘yeah, i’m gay, no biggie’ and the world kept turning. haha, blue steel. is from zoolander, no? also about that twitter thing. we forgive. come back. twitter misses you 🙂


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