So I turned on my Tunein Radio app the moment I woke up last Thursday, as I do, to listen to TSN990 in Montreal. It’s the sports radio station that manages to talk about the Habs even weeks after the season’s end, and you never know what you’re gonna miss. So I listen every day unless the subjects are dull, like soccer, or baseball, or basketball.

I was about to turn it off because they warned me they were about to talk Euro Cup (yawn!!) and then Sean R. Campbell played the opening bars of a Spanish song, in keeping with the European theme.

I heard about 30 seconds of it, and knew I liked it. Catchy!!  I hatehatehate when there’s good music out there that I’ve never heard of. I sent Sean a tweet, asked for the song info, he tweeted me back, I went to download the music, and voila. I have my new favourite CD. Which was released in 2003, by the way. I know that if I still lived in Chile, I would have heard this way before now. I have no doubt this must have been popular there.

Bonito – Jarabe de Palo

Anyway, give it a listen. Dare you not to dance. Dare. You. I’m not sure what the clown is about or the guy in the straitjacket either, but it’s not so much about watching the video as listening to music that will make your ears smile. And will definitely make your butt move. I’m not joking.

I heard it a few more times, and the words are actually awesome. I translated them, because I looked up some lyric translations and they weren’t the best, not that I’m bragging about my translating, but there were definitely bad ones, so I did it myself.

I feel like that about stuff. I was talking to my half-orange about that recently actually, how I made a conscious decision a number of years ago to just cut out the negative, focus on the positive and see what’s good about life. We all have our sh*t, god knows, but there are things you don’t have control over so there’s no use whining about them. But we have a certain amount of control over what we let affect us – and I have a particular talent for not focussing on the bad. It’s a terrific defence mechanism. I don’t recommend it because at some point you can’t keep ignoring the bad and it’s probably unhealthy but it works for me. Some call it denial, I call it “the negative stuff can kiss my you-know-what.” Actually I almost always call it denial. But laughing is better than crying so I always try to do the former. It’s not hard, actually. Everything can be funny. Maybe Jarabe de Palo should write a song called Funny.

There is serious stuff that requires seriousness for sure. Not making light. But there is also small, stupid stuff that requires absolutely none of your valuable time. And like I always tell my kids, complaining doesn’t improve anything. Deal. Smile. That’s right, I’m a total hardass.

Anyway, here is my translation of the Bonito lyrics. “Bonito” can be beautiful, or lovely, or nice. I chose beautiful. Although I endorse this translation, it sounds way better in Spanish.

Beautiful.  Everything seems beautiful to me.

Beautiful morning, beautiful place,

Beautiful bed, the sea looks great.

Beautiful day, and it’s only begun,

Beautiful life, breathe, breathe, breathe!

The phone rings, my buddy’s complaining

Things aren’t going great, life weighs him down

He doesn’t want to live like that, going on that way is not worth it

Love was lost and the party’s over

The earth’s engine isn’t running

Life is a joke with a sad ending, the future doesn’t exist

But I tell him…

Beautiful. Everything seems beautiful to me.

Beautiful peace, beautiful life, beautiful to be reborn every day,

Beautiful truth when it doesn’t sound like a lie

Beautiful friendship, beautiful laugh

Beautiful people when there is warmth

Beautiful people with no regrets,

Who win and lose, who speak without lying

Beautiful people and that’s why I say…

Beautiful. Everything seems beautiful to me.

How beautifully things go for you when they are beautiful for you,

How beautifully things go for you.

Beautiful. Everything seems beautiful to me.

The sea, the house, the shade, the earth, peace,

And life that happens

Beautiful.  Everything seems beautiful to me.

The sea, the morning, the house, the samba, the earth, patriotism and life that happens,

Your bed, your salsa, the spot on your back,

Your face, your enthusiasm, the weekend,

Beautiful the people who come and go,

Beautiful the people who don’t hold back,

Beautiful the people who have no age,

Who listen, who understand, who don’t have and who give.

Beautiful Portet, beautiful Peret, beautiful rumba, beautiful José,

Beautiful breeze that has no hurry, this beautiful day,

Breathe, breathe!

Beautiful people who are for real, beautiful people who are different,

Who tremble, who feel and live in the present

Beautiful people who were here and who aren’t.

Beautiful. Everything seems beautiful to me.

How beautifully things go for you when they are beautiful for you,

How beautifully things go for you.

How beautiful it is when it is beautiful, how beautiful it is.

Beautiful. Everything seems beautiful to me.

Also – the WHOLE CD is good. Bonito isn’t even my favourite song on it. This one is.



  1. You’re absolutely right! What a great song!


  2. Haha! I love it! Does a twitching tail count as dancing?


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