Bruins, Teachers, Allergies, Drama Queens & Birthday Presents

When you have nothing to say, be quiet.

Or, blog.

Hasn’t been anything worth noting lately, just plodding along like usual. I did run into an old colleague this week who mentioned she’d come across my blog by accident, and that she likes it, which is cool. I thought I should write but there really isn’t anything to write about. So let’s do this.

  • The Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs. This is the one and only thing I was wishing for these playoffs. I’m still smarting from having them eliminate my Habs last year. My Habs were down key players and it still took the big bad 100% healthy Bruins a 7th game overtime to send the Habs packing, with an offside goal. I hate them. Now they’re golfing, and I feel like everything is right with the world once again.
  • My girl brought home a sort-of report card/update from school. I say a sort-of report card because B.C. teachers have been on a job action all year. They don’t do report cards or parent/teacher interviews, and they give assignments in class then leave the room. Why do these people want to be teachers if they don’t want to educate? They don’t like their salaries but they know they’re not going to be making heart surgeon money when they go to school for their diploma, right? Anyway. My daughter is doing all right except for that she talks too much in class. I don’t know where she gets it.
  • My allergies are killing me. I take double doses of Benadryl and it does the trick for 4 of the 6 hours they say the effect lasts. The nighttime pills are awesome.
  • I once had this really beautiful guitar that I was going to learn how to play. But then I got pregnant and couldn’t even hold it in front of me anymore. Then I got busy with being a mom. So the guitar sat there for like eleven years. I decided to take it up again. Took the guitar to the store to have it tuned and the guy said, “These strings look 10 years old!” I said, “Eleven, actually.” Who knew strings could get too old? I hate learning, I wish I was awesome instantly.
  • The puppy is finally fully potty trained so I steam cleaned my carpets. I’ve decided to install floors though. The laminate vs. hardwood debate was waged, and laminate won. Because it’s CHEAPER.
  • It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. A Twitter friend said he sent me a birthday card. It took a long time coming, and he asked me frequently if it had arrived yet. Well, it arrived this week. And guess what, it wasn’t a card. It was this. I almost died of a heart attack. A HEART ATTACK. Thanks Doug – I can’t believe you did that.
  • I don’t know why it’s sideways.
  • The first part of my morning was spent ignoring a hyper puppy as best I could while I tried to manage a cup of coffee and reading up on hockey news. Okay, 2 cups of coffee. Puppy was indignant by the time I finally said “Go walk?”
  • I take her to the park and use the Chuckit (best invention EVER) and throw the ball like 100 metres for her for about 40 minutes. When she stops chasing at breakneck speed it’s time to go home. The whole walk to the park is spent trying to get her not to pull and lead and the whole walk back I practically have to drag her like a carcass. She carries her ball home and froths so much at the mouth she looks like a rabid beast and her gob hangs down like a Santa beard. It’s super gross.
  • The Habs haven’t announced their new GM and MONSIEUR MOLSON MY PATIENCE IS WANING.
  • Daughter finally got the treatment I was expecting she’d get from the drama queen down the street. She was so sure she’d finally found a new best friend in our new neighbourhood, and this girl’s friendship was fairly dazzling. I smelled her coming from a mile away. Very dramatic, centre of attention, centre of the freaking universe kind of kid, who takes turns choosing who to shun from the neighbourhood girls for some unimaginable slight. Daughter got the “your friendship is no longer required” bit with no reason and was heartbroken. She’s hanging out with me more now while she recovers. That kid’s dad fights all her battles for her too. I don’t get involved. I did tell my kid that she’s better off, and to be wary if she’s somehow magically allowed back in to audition for the role of best friend again. Being anointed to that other kid’s circle is too much work, there’s too much drama, and you have to walk on eggshells, and slip-ups are not allowed. No thanks.
  • This stuff is new to me, growing up with 2 brothers I mostly hung out with boys, and was never involved with girls and drama queen antics. It’s horribly boring. The Drama Llamas can kiss my butt. Kiss it!
  • It’s funny, because as an adult my best friends are all women. The best women ever. Well, my bf is also my bestie even though he’s a guy because he happens to be one of the most awesome people on the planet. The PLANET.
  • I just realized my dog’s got my attitude too. She loves people and other dogs but when a yappy little mutt tugs at the leash and tries to sic her, my dog just sits and tilts her head like “are you being serious with me right now?”, then just walks away to pursue something more pleasant. No biggie.
  • Right now I’m sitting with my feet on the table, typing on the laptop while Beethoven’s symphonies play, and the dog snoozes and dreams under my legs. I feel awfully grown up. Or like I should have on a pair of slippers like Jim Dear wore in Lady and the Tramp, and be smoking a pipe. I wish this townhouse had a fireplace.
  • Went for dinner at a friend’s last night for her hubby’s birthday. It was so nice. Sitting down after dinner having a few glasses of wine, we got to talking about all kinds of stuff. One topic was how fast my hair and fingernails grow. Apparently it’s a sign of good health, but it’s actually a pain. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Stupid bangs.
  • I wish someone in my neighbourhood could cut hair. Seems like everyone I know has a friend who comes over to their house to cut their hair. I have never been blessed that way.
  • I cut my own bangs once. ONCE. Lesson learned.
  • OK, must get up and get stuff done around here. I’m out of topics.

Until next time. Fingers crossed that the next post will be jubilation or ranting over whomever’s FINALLY hired for the GM job. Have a nice Sunday!



  1. Dave (SkyKing) says:

    We share the same sentiment regarding the Bruins… I used to hate the Leafs too…. but Boston has consumed all my venom….

    Great blog post….again….

    keep it up


  2. I ā¤ you V. And I wish we could tell your sweet little girl that when you grow up, there are no Drama Llamas but alas, we all know it isn't true. She really is better off but it doesn't make it any easier.


    • I ā¤ you too!! It's hard, but she's on the road to being able to spot the Llama from a distance – a very handy life skill. Her little mushy heart is so vulnerable.


  3. ohai happy (late) burfday!
    So, yes I agree: she is better off without Ms. Drama Llama. Course she doesn’t know that now, but she will in due time. It’s healthy to go through that. Feeling bad is ok. That means you’re normal, unlike the self-centered kids who would dismiss your friendship simply because they got a new one, or whatever antisocial reason crawled into their brain and decided to squat there. As for Ms. Frothy Beast, congratulations on the potty training. May your laminate floors stay clean.


    • Much appreciated! Yes, life’s lessons are sometimes hard. She’ll be all right. And as for the beast, I’m sure she’ll hate sliding all over the floors, but she’ll be all right too! šŸ™‚


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