Bad Carma, Catching up with the PVR & General Stuff

I seldom title a post until after I’ve started at least, but this one will truly be about nothing much and so far I’ve only got those 2 ideas up there, which will inevitably be followed by general stuff I think of as I write.

  • As soon as I wrote “general stuff” I thought of “General Stuff!” the way Robin and Ted on How I Met Your Mother always salute whenever anyone says General, Major, or Corporal anything. You know what I’m talking about?
  • I hope that show’s not cancelled before we ever meet the mother.
  • That also reminds me, I was translating something from Spanish yesterday for a coworker, and the word was “corporal” which means “bodily”. He said “really?” And I said, “Yeah. Bodily. Of the body.” He wasn’t getting it. It comes from the Latin. You know, where all the words come from. Also, don’t be second-guessing my translations, sonny.
  • I’m cranky.
  • My streak is over, folks. After coming on two years of good luck when getting pulled over by our boys in blue, receiving kind and gentle warnings instead of cold, hard traffic tickets, the streak is over. I’ve now had 3 tickets, the actual kind I have to pay for, in about 5 months. Blah.
  • I also had that one car accident last year. Bad car-ma. See. I was being cute. I did a play on the word. I can spell.
  • On account of adding teaching Spanish to my stuff-I-do-in-my-nonexistent-free-time list, I seriously have no time to watch TV. There are 111 recordings waiting to be watched on my PVR. I never watch anything live. Except hockey, if I’m home.
  • Which means I never see commercials. Unless they’re on during a Habs game that I’m watching live. As a result, I go around singing the Subway jingle in French a lot. “Douze pouces, cinq dollars, douze pouces, cinq dollars”. It’s catchy, and annoying.
  • We’ve got 3 American Idols to watch from last week. It’s fun watching Idol on PVR, because when you forward through all the stupid filler, you can watch 2 hours in like 20 minutes.
  • Yeah, I’ve said it before, but we watch Idol, okay. There’s precious little that I can watch around the kids. All we watch together is Idol and Modern Family. We vowed after last year, when that one ridiculously inversatile kid with the red hair who somehow turned every song into the exact same song and we thought at the beginning of the competition was an absolute joke, WON, that we’d never watch again. Stupid show. We were that wildly offended.
  • My daughter said shortly before the new season, “Look, Mom. We should give the show another chance. It wasn’t the show’s fault he won, it was the voters’. Don’t blame the show – blame America.” So, we’re watching.
  • I never say “America” when referring to the U.S. I say the U.S., our neighbours south of the border, etc. Anything to avoid saying America, or Americans. You know why? Because when I went to do my last year of school in Chile after doing all the others in Canada, it took me a couple of History classes to realize that when the teacher said “America” he wasn’t talking about the States. He meant the western world, and of course, America is everything from Nunavut to Punta Arenas. And I thought, huh. Makes sense. The U.S.A. is not “America” all by itself. So other than about 9 times in this point, I never, ever refer to the U.S. as “America”.
  • Just picked this back up during first intermission of Hockey Night in Canada. Don Cherry just said “Americans” about 90 zillion times.
  • I finally bought an oven mitt. The great big long Starfrit mitt made out of some kind of rubber. Because every time I cook something in the oven, I hurt myself. Either when I’m reaching in there or when I forget to use a glove to grab the lid off the Corningware, etc. Last year, I was pulling the Corningware out of the oven, on a bit of a tilt obviously, because the lid slid right off and and onto my arm, and burned my wrist. It was a nasty, nasty burn. I didn’t freak out too much because I didn’t want to scare the kids but I did let out my torrent of particularly satisfying Spanish expletives. The kids always ask what it means. I say, “flowers in the springtime!” The blister left was formidable, and when it burst a few days later, it pretty much soaked my sleeve. I know, so gross.
  • Anyway, the scar from that burn is finally fading and one day I actually wrote “oven mitt” in my shopping list and made sure I picked one up. So last week I was cooking a chicken, put my great big long safety glove on my right hand and used a wee pot holder in my left. Burned my left wrist on the broiler. I’d show it to you, but it’s bandaged. It’s really gross. I’ll buy another mitt.
  • Or quit cooking. Too hazardous.
  • Just watched the Habs lose to the Leafs. The Habs’ season is for sure over, but I watched because now I’m mainly interested in watching the Leafs lose – if we’re not going to the playoffs, I don’t want the Leafs to, either. It’s lame watching games now, because I know the point is moot. I will, however, be going to watch the Habs play the Canucks here next Saturday. I’ll be wearing my Pacioretty jersey. We might lose, but nothing could be worse than the 7-1 loss I saw here a couple of years ago, I mean, I hope. Jesus.
  • The B.C. Teachers are at it again, job actions and such. They’re walking off the job for 3 days next week. Not much of a job they’ve been doing all year though. So yesterday there was a student walkout planned, and I told my son that he had my permission to do it if he wanted. The teachers asked why he was participating in the walkout, assuming that it would be because he was protesting in favour of their position. He said, “I’m protesting against the job action, because it’s having a negative effect on my education.” And they didn’t let him. But I’m so proud of him.
  • The relationship my son and I have has been compared to Gloria and Manny’s. A flat chested Gloria and a lean Manny.
  • I hate this stupid hockey season, and the fact that it fell on Leap Year just to give us one more agonizing day. Hate. It.

And with that, I’ve got to get a hopefully injury-free supper on the table and watch Puss N Boots with the kids. Buenas noches!



  1. danny6114 says:

    Norpro Silicone and Fabric Glove, Red: Kitchen & Dining


  2. That last bullet gave me a chuckle. Which is good because I had the great fortune to be AT the Habs-Leafs game.


  3. • “American” is the customary appellation for U.S. citizens (we tried “United Statesian”, but it didn’t roll off the tongue). For example, when Europeans says “you arrogant Americans think you own the world” they mean the USA, not everyone living in the continental Western hemisphere. Its confusing, but context is usually suffice to determine meaning. It’s like saying, “listening to Rush” probably means the band Rush in Canada, but Americans would have to sort out whether it’s Rush (the band) or Rush Limbaugh (I know, eww). Thankfully, Google still puts the band first if you search for “rush,” even in the USA.

    • I would get two oven mitts. The same kind: silicone. Never use old-fashioned cotton-based mitts; they can lose all effectiveness if they get wet or come into contact with oil/grease. Heat will travel lightning quick through water or oil and burn your hand.

    • Hockey players are just like cats: they like to chase a little puck around until… POUNCE!!!


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