How’s it Going?

Been ruminating this one for a while.

Earlier this summer, which finally arrived in B.C., I’m happy to report, I was making coffee in the kitchen at work when one of my coworkers came through and asked me how I was doing. I said what I always say: “Super!”

About 90% of the time when I exclaim this and smile widely to prove it, people go, “Really? Super? Wow!” Because most people just say “fine, thanks,” I guess. But no matter what is going on I’m the kind of person that loves having someone to talk to, so if someone even just asks me how it’s going, I always feel “super!” Nice conversation opener.

Not this time. Now, I’m talking about a really good friend who only ever wants the best for me, and I love her to bits, but she just kind of looked at me, shook her head, and said, “I don’t even know what you’re doing here today! You should take some time off. You have to give yourself some time.”

I looked at her like she was speaking Greek, and she went on, “I mean, look at everything going on. How are you even dealing? You’re doing too much. You’ve just had 1) a death in the family, 2) you were in a car accident, 3) you’ve got the stress of trying to sell a house, and 4) trying to buy a house, 5) you’ve been in court 6 times in the last 12 months, and to top it all off, 6) you’re holding down a full time job AND 7) you’re taking care of 2 little children.”

Oh for god’s sake. When you put it like that.

Never mind. Never mind that someone else always has it worse, and never mind all of the obvious things I have to be thankful for (kids, friends, family, job), it’s just…unproductive to stop, moan and hold your head in your hands and shake your fists at the sky. The “why me” thing just doesn’t work for me. It helps nothing. Kinda like when my kid gets upset and dramatic and acts like the world is ending over every little thing. “That’s not helping!” I chirp, to which she retorts “I know and I don’t care!” Ah, kids.

Anyway there is a ton of good things too, and that’s what I keep focus on. I still think it’s been a super year! Sh*t happens. It always will, I don’t care who you are. What’s important is how you deal with it, because you have to. I got this attitude from my mom. I don’t know that I’ll ever live long enough to appreciate fully everything she did for me and my brothers. Something happens, and it’s just: “Right. Okay. Deal.”

So while we’re on the topic, here’s the good (besides the obvious up there) (or maybe just an extension of what’s up there):

  • Why, yes, I was in a car accident. On my way to game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, no less. The good part is, I wasn’t hurt and the kids weren’t in the car. The bad part is, my car was rendered undriveable and after being screamed at by the other driver (who I still think was 50% at fault, at least) having me finally say, “um, okay, this was an accident, I didn’t collide with you on purpose, just how many ways do you expect me to apologize?”, I ditched the car and proceeded on my way to the game. The good part is, I made a call to my guy, who I was going to the game with, and instead of hearing “oh GREAT. Nice going. How’s the car? Pay for your own cab,” which I might have heard once upon a time from someone else, I heard: “Oh my goodness! Are you okay? Where are you?! I’m coming!!” I was taken care of, and I couldn’t do anything about the car, so we went to the game, and had an amazing time. Bahaha, remember how Timmy Thomas got scored on 11 seconds into overtime? Priceless.
  • Also, ICBC and the car repair place were soooooo nice to me. Sure, I had to pay my outrageous deductible, but everyone I dealt with was so kind that I felt like popping them into my pocket and carrying them around. And my car, my beautiful red car, was delivered back to me as good as new. Nicer, even. Sure, I had to drive a hideous silver little car around for a month that screamed “Craftsman Collision!” and “Air Miles!” depending on what view you had of the car, but I did have a car, and it might have even been better on gas than my little car, so, win.
  • Selling the condo is taking WAY longer than anticipated. I mean, way longer for someone with my patience, who’s used to things happening like that. Yes, this wait goes wildly against my preference, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I know I’ve made our place look as nice as possible, and the proof of this is all the people who come to look and rave about it. But after 2 months of hearing people go, “you’ve got such a beautiful home, you’re so lucky, and just look at your view,” inside I’m thinking, “oh, just get the hell out or make me an offer.” But I just say, “I know! We’ll really miss it!” Meantime, I’m living in an immaculate home, who knew people could actually live like this for real. If the condo has to be listed for much longer, I may just make this a way of life. But don’t hold me to that. And you know what? If we do sell, I have to deal with moving, which is always a crapfest. So maybe waiting isn’t so bad. See how I operate?
  • My dad died. There is no good part about that. Except for that he is in a better place.
  • I talk too much. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, just a thing. I mean, as far as I’m concerned. Why am I talking about talking too much? Not a newsflash. But I just remembered this:  I talk so much, I even talk in my sleep. After my Dear Max post in March, one night I was asleep and started saying: “You guys, relax. Max Pacioretty follows me on Twitter.” And I even picked up my iPad and was swiping it with my finger, in my sleep. A full-on iPad dream. I talk so much, I talk to myself. This week one of the guys at work was standing in my office but my back was to him, and I was fumbling with one of my desk keys, wondering aloud why it wouldn’t work, what a stupid key it was, etc. I turned around and saw him and said, “yeah I talk to myself, so what!” He should hear what I say to my computer.
  • There is no bad part about holding down a full time job. I like going to work, I really like being there, and awesome people work there. No bad part. I don’t even mind commuting. I mean, except for stupid drivers. I try to time my commute so I can follow Speedy McLeadfoot in the red pickup the whole way. He’s about as punctual as I am. I listen to my music or the news or during hockey season, Habs talk radio from Montreal thanks to my handy iPhone app. My girlfriends and I were discussing what we’d do if we won the lottery. They would unequivocally ditch their jobs. I wavered. I do like going there that much.
  • Taking care of the kids. We all know what a big job good parenting is. But we have a great time. I was just on the phone and the kids were running around running and screaming and I could barely carry on my conversation but I’d rather that in a million years than an empty condo.
So you guys, it’s all in how you look at it. It’s not even a conscious decision to not moan and complain. Everything is relative, but someone’s always got it harder. We don’t always get what we want, so let’s enjoy what we have. And other sayings.

AND GUESS WHAT. Hockey’s coming back in October! FORTY EIGHT MORE SLEEPS.




  1. Your posts always brighten my day! I love your sunny disposition and optimistic outlook!


  2. I just love your sunny attitude! I tink dey is just jealous. 🙂


  3. Super !

    So how about that season opener?


  4. Love your approach to things. And yep, only 48 more days! Yippie.


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