Just My Opinion

….it is MY blog, after all.

Kind of a post mortem on the Stanley Cup Finals and the Vancouver riot.

After watching this back, I know I could never, ever be an unbiased journalist. Wow, that must be hard.

It doesn’t matter. No one’s gonna watch this. Everyone’s watching Oprah get her umpty-ump bazillion awards on the Daytime Emmys.

Happy Father’s Day!



  1. Nice Vlog Veronica 🙂



  2. I loved your take on everything here. Also ty for adding the after effects and the non truths to the post game 7 presser. Also ty for mentioning Boston diving too : )


  3. theactivestick says:

    Things I love: this vid.


  4. Great to put a voice to a face. Enjoyed your comments and whole-heartedly agree with the sentiments expressed. I have lived in a few parts of Canada – Montreal area, Edmonton and Greater Toronto Area (Burlington to be exact) and I do expect there to be some challenges when there are Leaves in the playoffs. It certainly will make it interesting to be sure.


  5. @litwall says:

    Thank you

    it has been frustrating listening to people look down their nose at vancouver these last few days. People just love to jump at any opportunity to feel smug. It is like this is the first sports related riot to ever occur or something – jeepers.

    I wish people would stop painting an entire city, and even an entire country based on the actions of some drunk idiots.

    this is coming from an Edmontonian habs fan with no real ties to vancouver


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