My Day as a Ten-Year-Old Boy

A month or so ago, my daughter was invited to a sleep-over party at my girlfriend’s house, with her little girl. She was terribly excited to go, leaving at about midday on Saturday and not due back until Sunday morning. Sleep-overs are a new thing and of course super exciting for an 8-year old. I myself was very seldom allowed to go to those as a kid, never being the one allowed to stay overnight. My dad would let me hang out at my friends’ places but when it came to bedtime and the girls were gearing up for the real fun, there my parents would be, to pick me up and take me home to sleep. I always hated it, but understood years later that this crazy sleep-over thing was North American nonsense, nothing my parents knew about growing up in Chile. Plus, my parents were always worried the Dad of the house I would be sleeping in was a perv. Seemed like all North American men had to be. Because they watched too many America’s Most Wanteds and the like. So, although I thought I had the worst parents EVER, they were really just looking out for me.

I find myself maybe feeling the same way, and because my daughter would be sleeping in the home of my very good friend who is DIVORCED (no pervs in the house), she got an overnight bag and a kiss on the head with the admonishment that she’d better behave well, you know, not like she’s at home, and sent her on her way.

Now my son was SUPER excited by this event, being that it’s ALWAYS the 3 musketeers on the weekends (the kids only spend 2 weeknights per week with their dad), and the thought of having me all to himself was pretty novel. I told him, “OK – we’ve got all day and night. Pretend I’m a 10-year-old boy. What do you want to do?”

He got straight to work making up a list of what I’d like to do and what he’d like to do and struck items off the list until we came to a mutual scenario (stricken off the list by Mom was going down to the video game place and hanging out all day. I’ve seen the hoodlums who walk into that place. Yeah, no.).

We decided to:

  • Eat fast food
  • Play laser-tag
  • Come home and watch the hockey game
  • Watch Tron Legacy on Blu Ray with popcorn with too much butter on it.

In that order.

We went to the fine eating establishment of McDonald’s, and he ordered the Happy Meal and we discussed the Batman toys that came with the meal. There is a whole bunch of new characters now compared to when I was a kid, not that I ever knew much about Batman. It was an education.

Then, we went and signed up to play laser-tag at this local indoor playground extravaganza filled with kids where you can’t even hear yourself think, there’s so much shrieking. We had to wait a while to join a birthday party of six-year-olds. How was I supposed to know the 2 of us couldn’t just go in there ourselves. While we were waiting, I was sooooo happy that this little man of mine, who doesn’t let me call him “Honey” in public or god forbid “Handsome,” sat there talking to me and HELD MY HAND the whole time we waited, not caring for a second who could have seen us.

The birthday party kids came to their turn and had no problem with us joining them. They had 3 adults (men) with them, who, when they saw me suiting up, said, “grown ups can play???” and joined us too. Holy CRAP it was fun. My boy and I teamed up and raced around shooting six-year-olds like it was open season and working up a wicked sweat. Also, this heretofore probably uncool Mommy shot the grown-up guys. A LOT. My boy was pretty impressed! We laughed our heads off and then paid for an extra 15 minutes to play just for ourselves, which we didn’t use up because my boy said, “Mommy, I just can’t shoot you.” *Squish*

We went to Costco, ostensibly to pick up the Tron Legacy movie but I also snuck in some of my weekend shopping. On the drive home, he asked if we could stop to get a drink because he was SO thirsty and would never make it the extra 7 minutes until we got home to have some Gatorade. So we stopped at this little corner grocery store and right at the till there was this big bin of fortune cookies. “Buddy, we HAVE to get some.” I forget what mine said, but his said, “You will have very good fortune in the near future.” He immediately started imagining what it could possibly be. Because, of course, fortune cookies don’t lie. Maybe we’d win the lottery and get our big house and that dog that the kids always wish for! (My kids are like me: always genuinely shocked we don’t win when we get a lottery ticket. It’s ALWAYS someone else.)

We got home, hung out and watched the Habs play the Bruins in the 1st round of the playoffs, and then got down to the business of nighttime and having some dinner and watching the movie past bedtime. Dinner was the one thing we hadn’t planned on our list so I surveyed the fridge for a good quick dinner for 2.

I said, “Hey, how about I make us some grilled-cheese sandwiches for supper?” I usually don’t make them because they’re not a serious dinner, although I could easily make them more often because they’re such a huge hit. I make them “perfectly – just a little bit burnt,” just the way they like them!

And this, I will never forget: My boy’s eyes popped wide open and he was dumbstruck – then he said: “MOMMY. My fortune came true!!”

Memory for a lifetime.

The day I spent as a 10-year-old boy. You should try it. It freaking rocks.



  1. World’s greatest mom!!! 🙂


  2. Simply amazing! I was 10 only 12 years ago! And even still, those times are very foggy for me, but this blog awoke a lot of those things I’ve forgotten, and those dreams I had back then.

    Still don’t have the Star Wars Lego spaceship army I always wanted, but I can still work on that!

    Thanks for making me look forward to parenthood, whenever that happens. Your tweets and blogs always make me cross back over when I feel like parenthood isn’t something for me!


  3. Awesome weekend you and the boy had – you are truley an amazing Mother! 😉


  4. Fabulous – love those Mother son times – glad you enjoyed it – and yes life as a ten year old boy would rock!!!

    Kudos for making his fortune come true.


  5. Great story, thanks for sharing!


  6. That is simply awesome! What a weekend for him. And you!


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