Rollercoaster of Love

If you were unaware of my love affair with my hockey team, you’re new here. Hi and welcome!

My name is Veronica and I am in love with the Montreal Canadiens. Unconditionally.

Habs fans have been derided of late because of the passion we have for our team. Derided, actually, is putting it nicely. We were called out by Don Cherry, members of the “unbiased” “mainstream” media, attacked by 85 zillion decidedly biased bloggers – the variety that live for the opportunity to paint all Habs fans with the same brush – and you know what? Even by some other fellow Habs fans. A tiny handful.

I don’t care how this sounds: The Montreal Canadiens are, with the exception of my parents and brothers, my longest lifetime relationship. As a tiny girl in Montreal, we chose each other and no one has ever gotten between us since.

99.9% of Habs fans feel the same. Which, if you stop to consider it, is pretty amazing. I fell in love with the Habs during a time that they were winning lots of Cups- a lot of fans remember 1 Cup, many remember 2, but I fall into the category of fan that remembers more than 2. No need to whip out your calculator – I’m old.

I’ve loved them through all our ups and downs, they hurt me, make me laugh and make me angry. They make me want to dance, and scream and shake my fists at the sky.

If you can’t feel this way about the team you support – why bother?

The rollercoaster ride never ends with this relationship, and the Habs are currently subjecting us to more anxiety, once again holding out on us until the last possible minute when we can finally exhale and look forward to another nail-biting post-season.

This past week, following their 3rd straight game without scoring a single goal, something happened to me that had never happened before during our relationship. I became disgusted. I became indifferent. I was disappointed, not in the conventional sense but that way you never want to hear “I’m so disappointed in you,” by the one you love. It was such a new, unfamiliar, uncomfortable feeling to me where they are concerned.

We all know all the excuses we’ve made all season. Playing with a decimated squad, so many man-games lost, etc. We still have to man up though. We’ve still got a lot of healthy guys who make boatloads of money and have years of experience, and young, hungry, energetic guys who make us proud with their enthusiasm. And a goalie we call Jesus.

There are four games left. Win or lose, no matter what the place in the standings, I can confidently state that I look forward to every emotion I’m going to be feeling. The disappointment is gone, replaced with the much more familiar feeling of positivity, hope, and anticipation of happiness. This is the Veronica the Habs know well and can count on through thick and thin.

And let’s us continue to stick together, and be proud of our allegiance to our team. Our detractors can collectively go fly a kite.

I’ll never for a moment do anything other than stand by my team, no matter how they’ve made me feel on that particular day. It’s what you do with family.



  1. Well said, and so true. A Habs fan no matter how old does not need to see his/her team winning to know them and love them. The whole mystique and the spirit of Habs fans past, present, and future lives on in the hearts of true Habs fans.

    Being a fan myself, and still being fairly young to be able to say that I have not been a fan of hockey when Habs won Stanley Cup, or even rather, not being ALIVE when Habs won it, I like most of my peers and even people younger then me, those of us who share the love for this team can proudly say that I don’t care.

    Sometimes it’s not about winning. It’s about the spirit. It’s about the fact that no player in the NHL can say that they don’t want to play for the Canadiens. It’s about the fact that the players who ARE lucky enough to play for the Habs show that they care and love the team just as unconditionally as the fans do.

    And losing a few games a season? Not having the greatest season of all seasons? Not winning the Holy Grail this particular year? So what? It’s just not meant to be. We can’t lose faith just because someone else was better. The team will try harder. Things aren’t over just because we finished 6th in the conference rather then 1st. We still have a chance and if the crowd at Bell Centre, and the fans all across the globe keep believing; if they keep that spirit alive the team will react appropriately. The team will want to win games for a crowd that cares and loves hockey as much as Habs fans do. So we can’t lose hope. We can’t let down our team. We can’t let down the teams from 100 years ago and we can’t let the magical spirit of hope, belief, victory, and defeat die.

    There’s still lots to learn about our team, there’s still lots to see. Let our team surprise us, and lead us to where we need to be.


    • There is nothing I don’t absolutely love about this comment. So well said! Thank you!

      I often think about the passionate fans that weren’t even born the last time the Habs won the Cup…and I can’t believe that every single team in the league isn’t envious of fans like that. Passion is everything.


  2. I like how you named this blog post after the lyrics from a song performed by Red Hot Cilli Peppers. Clever, you 🙂


    • I was unwittingly clever!!


      • I don’t like them I was all on board with either the Pens or Caps winnnig the EC final, then they just pop up after being sucky all regular season (compared to the other playoff teams) and are all of a sudden good, I don’t know what it is because I usually like a comeback team, but I just don’t like them, maybe its because Canadiens is a really uncreative name for a hockey team, but I will admit that sometimes they are kind of epic, like Bergeron in game four although they lost that save was awesome


  3. And unless I’m mistaken and/or the standings change, it is highly probable that we get a Montreal vs Boston on the first series for the playoffs.

    Bring it on.


  4. Well said sis!


  5. Great article. The last two paragraphs are excellent and say it all really.


  6. Habbykins says:

    I could not agree with you more and I have seen a lot more cups than you have to be sure.

    Doubtful a cup on the way this year, but i think both of us have seen stranger things.

    Keep up the good work


  7. Huzzah!

    You’re so right on the money. The way they stunk up the joint recently was hard to watch. It was probably difficult for our parents to watch; they probably hadn’t seen the last time the Habs had been so ineffective and lifeless.

    In such important games that had all of us fans frothing at the mouth with excitement, anxiety and emotion, that the Habs were the exact antithesis of that was probably what hurt most. It’s as if we care more than they do, and that makes it all the more disappointing because only they can fulfill our emotional needs…in that way.

    They’ve certainly kicked us all in the pride lately, as they get trounced by opponent after opponent, with nary a whimper to show for it.

    But, we don’t fully turn our backs, and we don’t do it for long in the worst of situations.

    The Canadiens have plenty of racetrack ahead of them to erase the bad taste they’ve left in our mouths, and after what we saw last year, maybe they will.


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