Not Really an Update

Point form again, let’s dive right in.
  • Max Pacioretty is not only out of the hospital, he went to the Bell Centre to meet teammates and doctors before Tuesday’s game against the Capitals. We got the news on Thursday that he could be back on skates as early as next week, and ready to play in the playoffs. Dude just got his neck broken. He is Wolverine! We love you, Max.
  • My letter to Max last week got a ton of response. I got this e-mail one day notifying me of a new comment. I went to look, and it started with “This is the biggest piece of crap I have ever read!” It was surprising, but I had to laugh.
  • Forgot to tell you last time that I recently attended a banquet where fellow colleagues were being rewarded for milestones with the company. The emcee was speaking about one recipient, talking about how talented she was, what a terrific job she does for us, how she knows her way around a spreadsheet like no one else, etc. but also her many other talents outside of work, adding, “She’s also a Master Baker!” I immediately looked at my neighbour. We could barely suppress our giggles. We are 12.
  • This week, I learned how to pronounce Palushaj.
  • We’re going to Costco today. I wish we had more cupboards and a bigger freezer.
  • You know what’s weird? I’m always afraid of forgetting really key items at the store, but I will not make a list. But if I forget the toilet paper, that will suck. FYI, Costco toilet paper pretty much takes up the whole hatchback.
  • My ten-year-old uses terms like “for instance” and “in particular.” I never noticed, I’m so used to him. A friend pointed it out.
  • Daylight Saving Time always knocks me out of whack. I’m now feeling on-schedule, but I still hate having that hour taken away from us. But it’s nice driving home from work when it’s still light out.
  • The Habs don’t play today. I hate when there’s no game on Saturday. But we get to watch the Leafs and Bruins! Oh joy.
  • I don’t know how to right-click on the Macbook Pro. Can anybody tell me? I mean, I could probably look it up or read it in my little manual, in fact in the time it took to type this, I could probably have found out for myself. But what’s the point of a public platform if not for asking people to figure things out for you? And other stuff. Thanks in advance.
  • Also, how do I increase the spacing between these bullet points? This post looks too squishy.
  • The Oscar movies are finally coming out on DVD. Now I can finally see what all the hubbub was about.
  • Following last Saturday’s Coach’s Corner, the kids’ disgust of Don Cherry is such that they refuse to watch him anymore. The way he talked about Subban earlier in the season was the start, the way he didn’t even wish Pacioretty well was the last straw. Their Habs’ fan indoctrination is complete. *Bows*
  • Am I the only female in the world who doesn’t like chocolate? I’d rather pop a bowl of olives like grapes. Oooh, I also like grapes.
  • And who else sneezes when they tweeze their eyebrows? *Raises hand*
  • And who else hates holding cotton balls with their bare hands?
  • There’s a fresh dusting of snow on the mountain tops outside our window, and buds on the bare tree branches on our street. I love where we live. Spring is nigh, and we cannot wait!

Okay, time to get cracking. Don’t tell anyone, but I want to be back home in time to watch HNIC.



  1. You can use a two finger tap to right click. Just make sure “Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click” is checked in System Preferences/Trackpad. Try it! It’s addictive!


  2. Cotton balls? Really? HAHAHA!


  3. ans to macbook pro – two fingers instead of one on the trackpad –

    interesting non-update as always great read – keep up the good work


  4. Right-click using the trackpad is ctrl-click. On a mouse, click on the right side of the mouse.


  5. I have a regular Macbook, but if you click on the little apple in your top right corner and choose “System Preferences,” you can play around until you find a setting that’ll let you decide how to right click. (I put two fingers on my trackpad, then click. That might actually be a default setting, I can’t remember.)

    Also, learning the proper pronunciation of “Palushaj” is a milestone. I felt very proud when it happened to me, mostly because I could finally stop calling him “that guy we got for D’Agostini, sent to Hamilton then never heard about.”

    I’m very proud of your kids. Deciding when to turn the TV off is a pretty big step when you’re that age! I should learn how to do that someday.


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