Kids, Habs, American Idol, Divorce, Nail Polish and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

As we all have, I’ve had lots of thoughts filling up my head lately, none of which could singularly fill a blog post, so here’s another edition of the quick and dirty update.

  • The kids have always been super fun to hang around, at all their different stages. They’re getting pretty big now and our conversations are getting more fun and interesting. There’s no question in my mind that they’re both smarter than I am. They ask me way too many questions about puberty and sex but I’m proud of myself that they both think it’s no big deal to broach the topic with me. I think of asking my mom similar questions at their age and it still makes me go “eeewwww.”
  • I’m particularly pleased that they like good music (requests for Queen? Madonna? and Rush? WIN) and appreciate good comedy. My son and I watched a Fish Called Wanda yesterday and he got ALL the jokes.
  • The Habs. Four game winning streak, including a shutout, the 7th this season for Carey Price in fact. And last night they beat Tampa, coached by Guy Boucher, a huge game leading up to the playoffs. No complaints. Even Nomez played a good game, much to my surprise, but it will still be a long time until I like him.
  • We’re watching American Idol. Look, it’s about the only show on prime time that is appropriate to watch with the kids that isn’t on one of those maddening Miley/iCarly/Sweet Life channels, so back off. Casey is our favourite. He’s the bomb.
  • I’m in denial about a crappy couple of days I’ve got coming up at the end of the month. I wish we could just fast-forward to April, or that I could clone me and send my clone to have the crappy days. La la la la la.
  • Charlie Sheen is at the very least bi-polar. I’m no expert, but I don’t have to be. I have eyes and ears, so I am qualified. I would like him to go away now though. But for his sake, I hope it’s in a strait-jacket, as it will clearly have to be against his will, and that he goes and gets all the legal meds he needs.
  • I’ve got way more to be thankful for than not, which is what I like to focus on rather than dwell on what sucks. But a lot sucks, for sure. I can’t stand the people who are always loudly proclaiming how perfect things are and all the stuff they have and the charmed, enviable lives they lead. Who are they trying to convince? I always think they’re full of it. Also, the people who always complain drive me crazy. My own best friend was shocked when I told her I was leaving my husband. I never whinged about my marriage to her or to anyone – that is so dull.
  • We were just talking the other day about how when I did end my marriage and proceeded to be deliriously happy, that she and another of my friends thought – OK, that looks like fun – and left their own husbands. Those guys went on to blame me. Nice, eh? After I was nothing but nice to them. The 3 of us were married when we met, and have so many funny/ha-ha and funny/sad stories about our breakups that there’s a screenplay in there somewhere.
  • This is turning more introspective than I intended.
  • The kids and I went out for lunch with my mom yesterday and when we got our meals, the kids’ fries were cold. It drives me crazy when restaurants pass off their older food to kids, like they’re secondary citizens or something. I seldom speak up, but I did. The kids got new fries, AND their meals were taken off the bill. I love when that happens.
  • I got a new Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago. It’s great to have another computer in the house, and now the kids don’t have to compete for computer time anymore. I mean, they do right now because I’m typing this on the MBP.
  • So, I got the Macbook and was then driven crazy by not being able to sync it with MobileMe. Nothing worked, it would not accept my username or password. All my other devices did. I went to Twitter, wasted a lot of people’s time trying to kindly solve my problem. Spent hours on Support Chat with Apple, who offered me all these solutions and NOTHING worked. Finally, Apple determined I’d have to take it in for service, which I never had the time to do. My eight-year-old was on it the other day. She said, Mom, why does the Macbook say it’s October 19th? I adjusted the date, and voila, everything works now. This is part of the reason I had kids, I tell them. To pick up on the details I miss, along with helping me carry groceries.
  • I won’t even try to deny that in a large part, my time between October-April is measured by days between Habs games. Boston’s on Tuesday. How I hate the Bruins. Can’t wait.
  • I love bright red nails. I’m going to single handedly put Revlon out-of-stock of Revlon Red.

And with that, I am clearly out of updates. And I promise to never employ Charlie Sheen as a topic again.



  1. It seems there’s no escaping Charlie Sheen, my TL seems to have RTs of his every day.
    Bruins s/b good! A little carry over from last game perhaps?
    Re: Macs. A great resource at work and home for all things Apple is Tidbits.


    • I want to deride Charlie Sheen, but since it’s so obvious he’s mentally ill, I can’t. Still, there’s such a thing as overexposure and I admit I’m sick of him! So sick of the RTs!

      Thanks for the Tidbits advice! I’ve been a “Mac” for a while but still constantly need advice!

      Come on Tuesday – no brainer to predict an exciting game but I’m gonna say the Habs will win. 🙂


  2. I love your positive attitude! And great to hear your Mobile Me problem is solved. Keep those posts coming… wouldn’t want a dry spell 🙂


  3. Well written update, though I DO want to hear some of these post-breakup stories that you brought upon several unlucky men. It might make for a good plot piece for one of the short films I’m writing/directing this summer. Also, MBP for the win, or more appropriately, POUR LE BUUUUUUUUT!!!!


  4. I’m there, too. I kind of combine two of your topics, as I have a bipolar husband. Only I’m about not to.

    Hope things work well for you. I don’t have any kids to be affected so it’s a little easier. A little.

    Take care.


  5. Doh, I didn’t think of the computer clock. It totally make sense. Support should have caught that.

    What you can do is go to System Settings > Date & Time and in the Date & Time, click “Set date and time automatically”. This will make sure the clock does not drift by resynching periodically.


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