The Eagle Has Landed

So, to recap: I told you last time about how my mom did not find it necessary to tell me that she was off on a 3-week trip to Chile just after Christmas.

Here’s the thing: she tells me everything. Even most things I don’t even care to know. She lives a 3-minute drive from me, we see each other once or twice weekly, and chat on the phone. A lot. And yet, she had her ticket to go to my cousin’s wedding in Chile since August, and told me nothing about it. She dropped the fact casually into an email about 10 days ago. Just nonchalantly sends me this itinerary full of domestic flights in Chile and says, “can I get your help with this?”

Me: “What even is this? What do you want me to do with it?”

Mom: “It’s my flights! I’m not just going to be in one place, you know!”

Me: “What do you mean, your flights?”

Mom: “My flights! My flights! For my trip!”


Mom: “Bah! My trip to Chile! Stop being strange!”

Me: “Mom: You didn’t tell me you were going on a trip!”

Mom: “Of course I did!”

Me: “No, you didn’t! This is the kind of thing I would remember!”

Mom: “Yes, I told you! Hmph, you weren’t paying attention, as usual!”


Mom: “Bah. Now I told you.”


So of course, on Christmas Eve at my place she asks what time I’m picking her up on the 27th. You know, to take her to the airport.  Also, not to forget to empty her mailbox. And oh yes, she’s leaving her car in my underground.

Sí, Mamá.

She got there safe and sound. She sends me this email:

I am here. I’m having fun with everybody. Don’t forget the mail. See you at the airport on the 15th.

So touchy-feely. She’d better send me her flight info, that would be nice.




  1. OMG this was just hilarious and I like your Mom. She sounds an awful lot like mine!


  2. I HATE when people make plans that involve me directly but don’t tell me and then they argue that they did.



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