Quick & Dirty Update

I’ve been remiss here lately and as you know that has a profound effect on my sense of duty. It’s funny because I know I’m the only one who knows I’m not writing, but I DO KNOW and so here’s a multi-themed post to catch you up (hi Lisa! and Bev! and other reader(s)) and mostly, just so I can add a post.

  • My Habs are “slumping”. Lost 4 of their last 5. But here’s what: we’re still on top of the division, still 6 games over .500, and my boys are still all cute as buttons. Even you, Moen. The tendency is to panic, shake our fists at the sky, and call for Coach Martin’s head. But we should all just relax. Plus, we play later today and I’ve got a good feeling about it.
  • Our Christmas tree has been up since the last Saturday in November but it’s been hard to get into the holiday spirit this year. So busy, with a particularly busy month at work, but now the kids and I are all on holidays and my shopping is (pretty much) done and we’ve been blasting all kinds of Christmas music and will be hosting Xmas eve at our place tomorrow as we always do, so yes, we’re now fully in the spirit.
  • I have to feed my new sister-in-law something vegan tomorrow. Suggestions welcome.
  • I got a whole SCHWACK of new Habs gear from my most generous benefactor as a Christmas present this year. Colour me FREAKING DELIGHTED. It’s like I have one of everything now. Plus home and away Markov jerseys. I don’t care that he’s injured and out for the season. Markov is my dude.
  • I don’t ACTUALLY have one of everything. If you want to get me something, I can suggest lots.
  • Just found out from my mother that she’s leaving for Chile the day after Boxing Day, for like, 3 weeks. I had no idea about this. She’s bemused why I wouldn’t have known this. Um, because I’m not a mind reader. Nice communication. She said “that’s why I asked for your iPod for Christmas! For the plane!” She’s had her ticket since August.
  • I’m trying to figure out a way to get to the Heritage Classic in Feb. Yes, I know all the tickets are sold out. Apparently you are not familiar with my determination. I will things. Gonna start working the angles. Also, I’m a distant descendant of a famous Chilean witch. I have certain powers.
  • The kids spend part of the holidays with their dad and I hate it more than anything. I’m useless at being alone, I need people around. Am filling up my dance card for a bunch of days next week. Lemme know what you’re up to.
  • My place kind of looks like a cyclone hit it. I have so much tidying to do before tomorrow but I’m putting it off as long as possible. Working under pressure is kinda my thing. Also, procrastination.
  • I just got a couple of great books, The Greatest Game and Hitch 22. Maybe I’ll read those next week during my quiet time.
  • Who are we kidding. So, whatcha doin’ next week?
  • I didn’t send out a year-end letter this year. But we’ll be taking our family portrait either today or tomorrow and I’ll upload it.

Told you, quick and dirty.



  1. Hey Veronica!!! I haven’t commented in ages, I know, but tonight I just read your post and had to send you this link for vegan recipes for Christmas from the Montreal Gazette. Enjoy!


    Happy Holidays!

    And what a win tonight eh?? FINALLY! It took playoff-like desperation but they managed to pull it off. Go Habs Go!


  2. despisethesun says:

    If you’re confident enough to try making falafel, it’s awesome, especially with hummous. But beware, there are few foods worse than bad falafel. Also, it seems kind of cliche, but tofu in a stir fry is pretty good. I asked my gf how she makes it firm (which is how I prefer it) and she said wrap it in tea towels and put something heavy on it to drain the fluid and moisture from it. I don’t eat vegan that often but these are what I do most often.

    Also, the Heritage Classic will be awesome. I’m still pissed about missing the last one, so I made sure to spend more than I reasonably should’ve. Going to the outdoor Pats-Hitmen game Monday, too. I’m hoping there’s some sort of tweetup, would be nice to have post game drinks with some frendly jerseys in double-enemy territory.


    • If I go, there will be a tweet up. For sure.

      And thanks for the tofu tip. I’ve never cooked with tofu, as I just don’t know what to do with it! I may just be brave enough to try it now. 🙂


  3. Well i enjoyed your blog as usual. as for the vegan meal – i would humbly suggest pork rinds lol just kidding i will get hate mail for that one.

    Have a fabulous Christmas,



  4. Any post is a good post. Thank you.

    Last time we played Carolina Eric Stall took out Markov with a knee on knee hit. Any chance you can do your Chillean witch thing on him / the Canes??

    Go Habs GO!!!

    Hope you have a Merry Merry.


    • Challenge ACCEPTED.

      Are you on my Twitter? Did you say “WE”? How come I did not know you are a Habs fan?!

      Have a Merry Merry!! 🙂


      • I an a HUGE Habs fan born and raised in Montreal … actually that is how I stumbled upon your blog initially, and yes we are a “WE”.

        Sorry, but I am the last person on the planet NOT on Twitter….I just don’t understand the attraction.

        Still 0-0 tonight….time for you to cast a spell!


  5. 1. Something vegan…tofurkey? Check the PETA website for ideas?
    2. Don’t mention witches around Boston. Stigma!
    3. If you need part of your dance card filled out and can make it to Miami, I’m available!
    4. Hitch-22 was GREAT. I loved it. It makes me super sad to see Hitch in the condition he’s in, but I’ve been there before.
    5. This was by no means dirty. But you know my email address if you want to correct that. 😉



    • 1. I will feed her something leafy. Nothing animal, I think that’s all that’s left.
      2. Next time I’m in Boston I’ll check the witch talk but it’s hard not to brag about.
      3. Miami, eh? I am TEMPTED.
      4. I love Hitch. It is so sad now. The articles in Vanity Fair are heart breaking but at the same time you can’t not enjoy reading him.
      5. True. And it probably wasn’t very quick, either. I do indeed have your email! 😉

      Hope you have a great Christmas, Brian, and all the best for a fantastic 2011!! xx


    • Vegans are evil, as is PETA…

      However, pasta, the dried kind with no eggs for the do gooder, and good olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes (be sure to get genetically modified ones, just for fun) and basil., a bit of salt and pepper and you are in business.


  6. Apple-Smoked Tofu Glazed with Calvados, Maple Syrup and Apple Cider, stuffed with Collard Greens and Apples

    Braised Brussels Sprouts

    Braised Carrots

    Bourbon Cranberries

    Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


    Pumpkin Pomegranate Layer Cake


  7. You could feed her a salad 🙂



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