Membah That Time I was on the Radio?

Remember last season? I do. Remember the playoffs? I do.

A fella from CBC1 Radio started following me on Twitter one fine day in April, when both the Canucks and the Habs were still in the playoffs, and asked if he could interview me as part of a series of interviews he was doing with Habs fans in Vancouver, and Canucks fans in Montreal, and discussing the much-asked question, “WHO is Canada’s team, and why?”  A Port Moody MP by the name of James Moore had started the whole thing when he said on Twitter that the Canucks were Canada’s team. Kinda inappropriate when Canada still had 2 teams in the playoffs, but he was speaking from his heart and the most his tweet made me do was “pffft.” And I moved on.

The CBC1 guy recorded my interview, where I made very plain that the HABS are Canada’s team and why, but it never aired. I spent about 2 hours listening to the show that afternoon waiting to hear myself, but he went with a different interview with a rabid French-Canadian and frankly I agreed with his choice.

Then, the Canucks were eliminated. Canada had one team left! And of course Montreal was so exciting because no one expected them to make it that far. Mr. CBC1 called me back. “Can we interview you today?” – it was the day we were meeting Pittsburgh in Game 7 of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Me: “Sure!” Him: “Okay, we’ll call you at 5pm and we’ll be live.” Me: “Well then NO because I’ll be in the middle of watching the game at the pub!”

They then decided to call me live at the pub during the game. I kinda didn’t know how that would work and wondered if I’d even be paying attention to my phone at that point.

The link below contains the audio for the interview. I was a few Caesars in at this point, keep in mind, and also, my bold predictions were wrong and a little sad in retrospect. Also, I sound like this?!

CBC 1 Radio Interview May 12

Anyway, I was going through some stuff today on my iTunes and found it. Many thanks to the genius of Twitter’s @dbrodbeck for uploading it to a link so it could be shared.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!



  1. That’s so awesome! I wish there were more Habs fans like you here in little ol’ Winkler south of Winnipeg. None of my male or female friends are! They like the loser Leafs 😦


  2. Thanks for sharing. You did that while the game was on? Go multi-tasking!
    So compared to you, everyone else in Vancouver is a “fair weather” Habs fan? 😉


  3. Good post! It’s pretty cool that you got interviewed live radio!



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