Glad to have a Rant Outlet

My name is Veronica.  It’s been like…weeks since my last post.  Ummm, more than two, like.  Here I was rolling right along with this, then life got in the way.  I’m a multi-tasker and a little thing like life usually doesn’t bog me down, but it did this time for a minute, but I’m giving this post a go.

When I first started blogging, I thought about all the personal crap that I’d LOVE to write about but could not, and actually started a post about why I could not effectively blog, because all the stuff on my mind that I could put to the blog with my eyes closed is too intensely personal and not that I care that much about talking about myself (obviously), but these internets are too pervasive and I want to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent, even though the latter don’t deserve it.

Did you need to pause for a breath after that sentence/paragraph? I did.

I’m giving the above-mentioned post another shot. In innocuous, random point form.

  • On infidelity: Bite me, cheaters. Seriously. Take your need for having your cake and eating it too and stuff it. You hurt people. Pick a partner, and leave a partner. Don’t have both. Don’t lead on the people who trust you and love you and somehow manipulate the facts and confuse others to make yourself seem the victim, or even worse, the hero.
  • On superficiality: Really? How old are you? People who are pretty on the outside cease to be attractive if they show themselves to be empty or ugly on the inside, in my opinion. Have substance. Don’t congratulate people for their outsides. It’s genes, they had nothing to do with their beautiful eyes, long neck, whatever. And being obsessed with the appearance of others implies an emptiness of your own. I once had a guy suggest we could save our relationship if I got a boob job. Stay classy, name withheld! I hope you found the porn star your were looking for, and that things are working out great. Really, I don’t.
  • On judgment: People in glass houses. Seriously. Anyone know anyone who is perfect? I don’t. And I am far from perfect, perfect is actually on another planet, in another galaxy, even. But you know what? I try. I don’t not try. I don’t try to be perfect, but I try my very hardest, every day, to be my own best, for my kids, at work, for my friends, for my family, etc. I know most of us do. And for those of you who delight in pointing out how imperfect and inadequate the rest of us are, I just say, leave us alooone. I know that I for one dwell on my inadequacies enough for both of us.
  • On double standards: Live by the standards you impose on others. Don’t impugn me for doing what you regularly do, conscience-free. I felt guilty enough already. So, while we’re on the topic…
  • On guilt trips: Don’t treat someone like garbage, take advantage of them, manipulate them, lie to them, behave completely selfishly as though no one’s feelings matter but yours, and then expect to be treated with love and have people lay down the welcome mat for you just because you’re, for instance, family. Don’t whip out the (for example) family card and obligate others to respect blood when you obviously do not. It’s not fair, and it’s the opposite of love..fine, continue doing it, because you know I’ll continue indulging you, anyway.

No reason.

Now, I know that the above will seem like I’m angry…I am in a way, but more in a “I’ve had it” kind of way; in a “I need to say this” kind of way. And now, it’s out of the way. That’s the good thing about outlets.

I’ve got a great life, and the awesome people I know and continue to meet and have in my life outnumber the idiots by a WIDE margin. And I have a ton of blessings. And I look forward to every day. So if you’re happy that you got to me, not so fast. You didn’t.



  1. Very good V.


  2. Not sure why I do but I love your blog….today you sounded angry which is fine…and you made a lot of great points…I hope your RT between todays rant and your next blog finds you smiling lots.


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