I Never Said I Was a Writer

A couple of times over the past couple of years I attempted blogging. And I don’t mean I wanted to have a public blog for people to read, I actually wanted to write stuff down, almost like a diary, a bit like getting stuff out as a way of clearing thoughts in my head, just personal stuff and events. Like therapy; they say going to therapy is a way for you to sort things out for yourself, saying them out loud, then you can make some sense of them.

A diary was out of the question because I can’t handwrite too much or my hand cramps. Plus I can fairly well type at the speed the thoughts come into my head, and blogging actually auto-dates the stuff you post, perfect for the lazy people who don’t have a lot of spare time.

Every year, with our Christmas card, I write a yearly update. And not the kind of update where you talk about the family’s latest fabulous accomplishments or acquisitions; the kind where I take a few outrageous things that happened to us during the year, tell the story, and then say by the way, Merry Christmas.

A couple of my friends said I should write more stuff. Like what? I don’t know anything about anything. But oooh, guess what, I could possibly stick to the theme – stupid stuff that happens or has happened to me, or even better, stuff about my favourite comedians, my 2 kids.

And so I did. I have a couple of blogs in cyberspace that I don’t even know what they’re called anymore or how to access them again, which shows pretty pitiful dedication, I know, but I also read them and thought, no one’s going to be interested in this.

Also, I’m not good at ‘writing’. The two last paragraphs are full-on run-on, exhausting sentences. Big no-no, and I know that if were being graded as an essayist, I’d fail. I never said I was a writer.

But still, I was taken aback today when a friend and coworker, who actually reads this blog without being directed to, told me that I should “stop writing sad sh*t”. Ahem? Sad? What’s the sad part? Who’s sad? I’m sad? I’m not sad. You’re sad? I made you sad? What? It’s just life. My life, which actually cracks me up about every day.

If anything here comes across as sad or makes you sad for me, then that bums me out. I’m just telling stories, something might happen to me that makes me think of something, then it goes in the blog. That’s all.

Don’t be sad for me, or think I’m sad, or think I write sad stuff – blech, I hate sad stuff. I’m not sad for me! Well, I’m a little sad for me right now because I’m literally out of food and too tired to go buy some. But when that’s your worst problem, that’s not so bad.

And now she’ll read this and get mad at me that I wrote about her. Which I can tell you right now, will make for a funny post.



  1. Sad? Yes, you could say these things are sad but as you pointed out, you are not sad. Life is all about taking the sad and learning and even enjoying it in retrospect.

    And I think you’re a great writer. Writers are not made from clear and grammatically correct sentences. Writers are people who can communicate a thought and yes, make people sad or happy – but most of all, make people want to keep reading.

    Now, in your “saddened” reader’s defense, you likely do inspire some people to be worried about you at times, because life has been tough and continues to be tough for a single mom, I’m sure. But I’ve never thought of you as sad, depressed or even depressing.

    Of course you won’t be surprised when I add that the “anti-sad” reader may be of the opinion that if you don’t write about sad things that happen, then they won’t happen. Now picture her with her head buried in the sand (or not, if you’re getting kinky thoughts). That should relieve the sadness for a sec.


  2. I have read every one of your postings and I have to say none of them have I found “sad sh*t” – it’s been life and you have told it in a humorous way so there !


  3. Good Post


  4. Missed Love says:

    Hi! I am that friend that said I don’t like to read sad s***. What makes me sad, only because V is such a wonderful person, is the thought of missed love or happiness. She deserves to be happy and in love and that is all I want for her. So while there is nothing sad about this blog – maybe the correct phrase should be missed love.


  5. A blog or a diary or anything like it is all about thoughts. ‘Write as it comes’ kinds of things. They shouldn’t be defined as sad or happy because if they are then sometimes thew writer will be forced into following the definition instead of being free to type.
    My 2 cents 🙂


  6. This blog should be titled “I never said I was sad!” 😀


  7. goaliemom98 says:

    That made me laugh!! Thanks!! 😉


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