Surprise! I didn’t win the lottery. Again. No matter how many times I buy a ticket (which isn’t actually that often), and no matter that I lose every single time, I’m always surprised. I never even get a single number. Not even a single number, when I buy like 4 sets of numbers. Not one!! It’s ridiculous.

We recently started getting Lotto Max tickets, because my boy’s name is Max. I buy Max paper towels too, and if I can prefer a brand that has Max in the name, of any product, I always do. My daughter Sofia is annoyed that nothing has her name on it, so if you know of something that does, please let me know! Max’s name is on everything, seriously, look around – from garage restriction heights to your gas pump to your coffee-maker water level.

I digress. Like anyone, we dream of how we’d spend the jackpot. When we bought the last ticket which was for a $49M jackpot, my mom said, “with $1M, I will be happy!” Which left us with $48M. Give $1M each to my brothers and other favourite people, let’s say we have $35M left. So much more than 1 wee family of 3 needs. Although my kids do eat like truck drivers.

No, all we really want is a dog. The kids desperately want one, and I would love to have one, too. Our family dog, the best German Shepherd in the world, passed away in 2006. What a great girl she was. Her name was Luna. She was so smart, so beautiful, so gentle. When my babies were born, she thought they were her puppies. She would follow me around when I was carrying them, making sure I was doing a good job, wouldn’t let anyone she didn’t know near them, not in a menacing way, of course, but she’d just plant herself between the babies and the stranger. When the babies would have crying fits she would lick them while they were in my arms, and worry over them until they finally fell asleep, upon whence she’d collapse in an exhausted heap. As the kids grew, and they would open up her jaws to have a look at her teeth, play keep away with her ball, etc., I always marveled that they had no concern in the world for the fact that she could swallow them in one gobble. Because she was the gentlest, most patient, intelligent, loving dog you could ever meet.

Our girl keeping watch over 2 toddlers, just out of camera range.

When we had to put her down, she’d not been herself for a day, had an accident inside the house (which never happened), and wasn’t hungry. The vet found that she had a tumour the size of a melon in her abdomen, and that she’d obviously been sick for a long time. She’d never even let on. It was such a shock. We spent 1 day after that saying our goodbyes, but weren’t going to be that family that keeps a suffering dog around forever because it’s too hard to let go. We knew what the right thing was to do for Luna. And she deteriorated so fast in that day. She could hardly get up – but when she saw her people, her massive tail would pound on the floor like it always had.

I’d like to have a dog again, and the kids REALLY wish for one, but it’s not possible. I won’t have a dog that can only see its people on evenings and weekends. Dogs need companionship. And since I work full time, and 10 months out of the year the kids are in school, it could never work.

Which is why we need to win the lottery. If we win the lottery, even just a little one, I could afford to be a full-time mom (which between you and me is all I ever wanted to be), or at least afford to work some low-stress job from home, and have a puppy dog to hang out with. Maybe we could get a house with a yard. When we get our tickets, we pick dog names – Sirius (like out of the Harry Potter books) or Lulu are front runners. I know they’re not great, but you should hear some of the other names they’ve come up with. I veto names that belong to people, like I’m never going to have a dog named Stan. I’m a big-dog person but I don’t know that I’d want another shepherd – we don’t want to replace Luna. We’d just like to add a member to our family. Although shepherds are my favourite breed. Perhaps we should leave that decision for when we actually win the lottery.

Because that will be all the jackpot we need. It’s how the kids equate wealth. When they saw the $49M to be won, they said, “MOM. We could get TWO dogs with that!!!” Jackpot, indeed! Fingers crossed.

And P.S. No. Cats are not an option.

P.P.S. We should name it Jackpot.

Update: I can count on 8 hands the people who’ve asked if they’re one of my favourite people. You guys: I’m never winning the lottery.



  1. I particulary loved this posting even though it started with the lottery and ended up with wanting a dog. I too had the greatest dog on earth, Jesse, and I actually put into words my memories of him. He had cancer and we had to put him down – the hardest thing on earth and even though it’s been since January 22, 2009, my heart aches every time I think of him. Having a dog as part of the family is the best thing ever !


  2. BTW, Still gorgeous!


  3. While I’ve had REAL German Shepherds and loved them dearly, my most favorite dogs of all are Alaskan Malamutes! They are perfect for indoors or outdoors and they love their families unconditionally, plus they’re dignified and beautiful!


  4. I have always wanted / fully intend on having a German Shepard one day. Although I haven’t given any thoughts on names… Maybe Rocket? As in “The Rocket”. 😉


  5. Great post 🙂 Dogs are simply the best. German Shepherd, Sheltie, Border Collie, Yorkie…all great in the same and also different ways. Letting go is very difficult, but can’t let any dog suffer like you say. Even when I see a small mole on their skin I feel so bad and want to make sure it’s nothing.
    Winning a jackpot or even a relatively small piece of it would sure make things a lot different and never in a greedy kind of way.


  6. mandyp88 says:

    If I won the lottery, I’d take care of my family. They could all use the money. I’d also buy season ticets, in the reds, to Habs games. And then I’d put the rest in savings, and live my life almost the same way I do now, excpet for some you know, minor changes.

    I’m not a dog person, but Luna sounds great 🙂 It’s so cute how she cared for your babies.

    I’d also love to be a full-time mommy, once I have kids that is.

    Oh and like you, I’m also ALWAYS sursprised when I don’t win. We put all hopes in it and then boom, they’re dashed. Sigh.



  1. […] may know that as recently as last month I talked about what we’d do if we won the lottery (i.e., get a DOG…or two), as well as the virtues and benefits of saying NO to your children […]


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