How to Deal with Big Fat Jerks

My precious boy, 9 and a half years of age, has a heart of gold. He doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body. This little boy would rather anything than hurt someone’s feelings or see someone hurt. He can’t understand people who make a pastime of it; like even just schoolyard pranks don’t compute in his brain. He’s always the peacemaker; when his little sister goes off with her firecracker temper, he reasons with her. He’s my little hero, my biggest defender.

He got picked on at school this year, by foul-mouthed little creeps who delighted in seeing his hurt reactions. It got so bad that the worst kid finally got suspended from school, and I’ve transferred my kids to a new school in the fall, so he can have a fresh start, never see those jerks again, and no one there will know that he was that kid who got picked on.

Tonight, after work, I did what I always do, I went to pick up my kids. As I was turning left in my car onto the street that the kids are babysat on, this big van driven by a large older woman was rushing out and stopped with a screech of her brakes. I didn’t even come close to cutting her off, she was just being aggressive. We both had our windows rolled down, so I heard her when she screeched, “YOU B*TCH!!” So I gave her my go-to move: I smiled big, waved, and said, “Bye!” I heard her screeching and wheezing other stuff as I drove away. I picked up my kids, which took about 5 minutes, then as we were driving back up to that corner, the same big van was coming back onto the street. I recognized her, looked at her, and waved, smiled, and said “Hi again!” She scowled, gave me the finger, and screeched, “B*TCH!!” again. I just laughed and said, “Have a great evening!” And I heard her cussing as we drove away.

It occurred to me that this was obviously a low-class individual, shame on her for behaving that way when she clearly saw I had 2 small children in the back seat. But this is the sort of person you can’t waste time thinking about. Which was part of what I tried to teach my son when he was having the trouble this year. You can’t let those people get to you, they love to see you hurt, cry or worse, and they’re ultimately individuals who deserve pity. Imagine getting enjoyment out of hurting people.

As we were driving away, I saw the look of panic on my boy’s face over what he’d just witnessed. “Mom, she called you the B word! And gave you the finger! And you said, ‘have a nice evening?'” And I grinned back at him and said, “Yup!!” And he got a look of realization on his beautiful face and suddenly smiled big.

“You can do that?!”

Yeah, buddy. You can do that.



  1. I just found this blog too and scrolled down quick to see this post and all I can say is that this is pure awesomeness! I cant help but love reading things like this and really wish more people out there were like you. Keep the great attitude and spreading the smiles!


  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I just found your blog!!!!!!

    I ACTUALLY welled up reading this entry. My brothers and I got picked on and bullied BIG TIME in school, and it would break my heart to see the youngest one come home in tears… when he was like a foot taller than everyone else and could smash their heads in like *THAT*!

    He’s a lot like your boy and he’s an amazing person for it.

    Good for him and good for you and YAY for this blog!


  3. mandyp88 says:

    Awesome attitude and lesson for everyone. Except I think ignoring them completely is good too, sometimes if you piss them off (like, the the way you reacted) it makes them even more angry, which, quite frankly, scares me.

    I hope your son will be happy in his new school. Bullying is such a terrible thing.


  4. *gasp* you can do that? 😉

    What a great story, I love it! You’re a great mom!


  5. theactivestick says:

    Yes, yes you can.

    It’s the sweet smile that REALLY pisses them off.


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