Hiring Blog Manager; Enquire Within

You know what’s really funny? Me, trying to figure out how to configure this blog to do all the stuff websites are supposed to do.

Remember when my picture wasn’t working? It’s because when adding it, I accidentally classified it as RATED X, which of course, it so is not. That’s why the nice folks at WordPress wouldn’t show it to you, and I’m glad – I wouldn’t want to be on someone’s blog and see a hoo-ha or a you-know-what unexpectedly. How long did it take me to figure out why my picture wasn’t working? About 4 days. Until realizing my mistake, I shook my fist at the sky like it wasn’t a user issue. I’m useless.

Thought I’d be all fancy and get my own domain, which I went so far as to pay for, and that was the extent of my expertise. I know how to give out a credit card number. Then I thought I followed all the steps, and the blog was promptly inaccessible for about a day and a half. How am I supposed to know what pointing means, what DNS is and all that other stuff?

Which brings me to: if you know how to run one of these things so that it works and makes me look smart, can you sign up here? I’m recruiting! Payment: Gratitude. Commensurate with experience. Help me….



  1. Don Marco Del Zorro says:

    Me encantaria cualquier trabajo que me permite trabajar mas contigo!
    Tambien puedo lavar la ropa, cosinar y leerte el periodico.


  2. Signing up. Years of experience in many aspects of computer and web troubleshooting.


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