I will always be a little girl

…if you ask my mom.

She called me this morning at 6am. Whenever my phone rings at an uncivilized hour, I always think it’s a death announcement. I mentally check off who’s already dead, so I can discount them, who’s not been well, who’s reckless and may have finally met their untimely fate – in the space of 3 rings, and make a best guess.

No one died today, is the good news. No, Mamá Querida was just calling me to tell me that it’s cold out today, so the kids and I would need to leave home with jackets.

I want to say, “gee, thanks for calling, since as luck would have it, my nerve endings are on the fritz today and I could never have figured that out for myself, and also, my eyes cannot tell that it’s both cloudy and windy, also, how have I survived (x amount of) years on this earth without you telling me what to put on in the morning?”

Instead, I just say, “thanks!” (after blurting out, “WHO DIED?”)

My mom also tells me when to get my hair cut, when my kids need their hair cut, that grey looks terrible on me (as does yellow), what I should eat, what I have to buy for the kitchen, and when I had my earache, she actually asked if I’d cleaned my ears lately. I’ve kinda been running my own show since I was 19 and have managed to not get myself killed (and I keep my ears clean, just FYI), but I always just say, “thanks”.

Because I know it’s because she loves me, but it’s more about her need to be a Mom. My kids love her like a mother and her role is indispensable to me. Also, karma. If I turn into her, I want my kids to be nice to me when I call them at 6am to tell them to take their umbrella to work.



  1. mandyp88 says:

    When I was younger and in the throes of teenagehood it would annoy me to no end when my mom told me what to wear, or, more importantly, what NOT to wear. It would bother me and make me mad, but now, like you, I know it’s her way of feeling important in my life and being my mom.


  2. OMG that’s hilarious! It’s so nice to know it’s not just my Mom. I always like a second opinion that this is normal Mom behavior. Meanwhile, my mother is just relieved that all things considered, I have thus far avoided ending up dead in a ditch. Also, must remember to clean my ears. Thanks for the reminder.


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