Odds and Ends

Wrapping up a really good weekend. Outdoors, family, friends, for once enjoying agreeable weather. Children nestled all snug in their bunkbeds, while visions of week-long day camp commencing tomorrow dance in their heads. I’m glad to have an easy week ahead of me at work, another big project put to bed and the boss away at his meetings next week.

I find I’m frequently irked by something on Twitter, where most of you know I spend a fair amount of time daily. I was going to try to squeeze it into my About Me but decided I’d be more wordy about it in a post.

Fellas. You gotta know. It’s only very few of you, not the overwhelming majority who are awesome, but if you’re going to know one thing about me it’s this: gentlemen only need reply. Seriously, if you’re lewd, crude, or take innocent comments and turn them into something I clearly didn’t intend, you can buzz off. And I’m going to stop ha-ha-ing your comments and going to start unfollowing. Another thing about me is I go out of my way not to hurt feelings and feel like unfollowing is rude, but I’m going to do it. As of now. I’m no Pollyanna and I believe I have a great sense of humour; I know funny, but cheap is cheap.

99.9% of the people I follow on Twitter are great, make me laugh, and can converse with 140 character charm, but the .1% of you are getting on my nerves and I don’t like it. Please don’t be lewd. Save it for someone who enjoys it, I don’t. I reeeeeally don’t.

That’s it.

Also, I changed my theme on here for about 6 hours today but changed it back. It’s just that it seems people are reading this and I want to make it all pretty. The one I briefly used today was a little too sterile, very not me.

OK, that’s really it. See how I don’t always have to talk too much?


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