Got Ideas?

Here’s another video message, unabashedly asking for your suggestions for a TITLE (since apparently my chosen title of Anything & Nothing is deemed merely a working title, hmph) for this blog, and also, is there anything I can talk about? Thank youuuuu.

P.S. Holy moly, am I a wiggler. Well, I never claimed to know how to talk to a camera. Still, sit still, V!!! There’s seriously no way I’m like this in real life.

P.P.S. I since found out that a pepper is technically a fruit, so, yeah. I know now.



  1. robertptome says:

    The tittle is great


  2. Congrats on the new blog, my friend. It looks great!

    As for story ideas, I suggest that you write about things you are passionate about: your beautiful children, the Habs, …

    I loved the earlier story about privilege. Excellent!!


  3. Although botanically speaking, the fruit of capsicums are berries, the peppers are considered vegetables (e.g. bell peppers) or spices (e.g. cayenne pepper) for culinary purposes based on factors including fleshiness and intensity of flavor.


  4. mandyp88 says:

    Veronica, please keep the Anything & Nothing title, I love it! I thought it was perfect for your blog.

    Suggestions: More about your long-distance relationship with the Habs, your hopes for this season, your take on Vancouver, the Olympics, the rain, how you juggle work and the kids, the kids’ antics … off the top of my head. 🙂


  5. By the way you are adorable!


  6. Sugar and Spice, Chile con Mommy.


  7. Pepper is a fruit you say? How appropro! 🙂


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