I’m going to share this.

Here we go – I’m going to show this ‘blog’ to people. People that aren’t my best friends who are the only ones who have seen this so far. It’s not like there’s much here anyway, and I kinda wonder if I should and who will care, but it’ll be good incentive to write. I was going to say write more, but I could write at ALL. Why? No reason. I won’t get paid, and all it will do is just take away more time that I can’t spare. But I think fast and I type fast so at least I can bang out a couple of paragraphs every now and then. On what? Why, anything and nothing. My specialties.

I started a blog post about 3 months ago. The subject is ‘why I can’t blog’. I’ll never finish it. There are too many reasons. The most interesting things I can write about are the things that happen to me and the people I know and they would KILL me if I wrote about them. Sooooo juicy. Also, my job. Unbelievably rich material there. But I like being employed. You see my dilemma.

OK, that’s it – sharing! Talk to you in October.



  1. There’s a lot of hockey blogs out there… it would be refreshing to read something else from someone new 😉


  2. Barbara says:

    Yeah for your blog! Cant wait to see it roll out!


  3. Hey Veronica,
    You seem to be tormented by the nature of what you should blog about. I don’t blame you, early on building up readers is all on you so we all think our content needs to be immediately engaging.

    My suggestion is to find something you’re already passionate about and find something you want to follow/track/research that you can connect with other people on and go nuts. Then slap a snappy innuendo on the blog title and people you don’t know will see the title and check out your blog. It’s important that your content interests you as much as the people who will end up reading it and not worry what people will care on how you post your content. If you’re not passionate you won’t post regularly and people won’t read it. You can have a topic/theme and still stray to personal topics, in fact I recommend it. From what I’ve read on twitter I’d think a blog about the funny things your kids say or something Habs related would be right up your alley. Best of luck!


  4. Yay! Blog!


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